Monday, October 31, 2016

SAR 16305

In the silence there is peace.
In the silence there is unspoken joy.
In the silence there's release
from a world full of chaos & noise.
                                                                      Jack Fowler.

I'm on vacation this week, away from all the chaos & noise.


Gegner said...

Might be prudent to investigate 'havens' from the coming storm. The Strike is still on but if it's just me and my unemployed buddies/followers we aren't going to be much of an influence. Nope it's the 'blowback' from Trump's 'rigged election' claim that should have us all shaking in our shoes.

Sadly the idea of going on strike hasn't gained much traction among the huge numbers of 'disaffected'...probably have better luck telling them to turn up in their town square, armed to the teeth with a big red bullseye painted over their hearts!

All they have to do is show up, the cops will do the rest.

[Stupid is permanent, ignorance can be fixed (sigh)]

Will 'History's Actors' finish the job they started with the Republican Revolution' and wipe out the Democratic Party?

Will we all finally learn what the sound of 'one hand clapping' is? [Rhetorical question, you can make this sound yourself if your arthritis isn't too advanced...]

Degringolade said...

Take care and relax:

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting around to reading Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent, nearly two decades late. What's shocking, in light of all the shameless red baiting undertaken by Hillary's camp is the parallels to case studies in the book. The playbook on how the narrative is introduced and amplified is essentially unchanged. From the Mig shipment to the Sandinista government that never was, to the Bulgarian connection to the attempted assassination of the pope that didn't exist, it's just stunning how we may be witnessing that well run dry for Hillary two decades later. What's even more interesting is that the press, who were the tools used to mainline the lies into the population simply walk away from these lies when they are done and the absurdity of the narrative no longer holds water. The press simply plugs in new journalists and they rinse and repeat, with a a trail of discredited elder journalists who become nobody exiles.

Gegner said...

@ Anon on 11/ you know what that ring through your nose is for.

Isn't it time for a 'non-profit' media, one where the truth isn't treated like an 'inconvenient obstacle' to either overcome or suppress?

Reporting really should be like jeopardy with statements coming in the form of 'questions and answers...(such as they are) being treated with a dose of skepticism.

But our 'bought & paid for' media is too used to yanking our chain to adapt to a more 'dispassionate' style of reporting.

Anonymous said...

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

That one, Anony 2.05, got a sad and reluctant laugh. I found the sentiment entirely offensive and hope that's not the attitude I project.

Now had it been 'Politician', I'd have been on board in a flash.