Friday, October 14, 2016

SAR #16288

They say poetry is truth; no wonder people hate poetry.
And the Last Shall Be First: Dmitri Orlov explains that there won't be a US/Russia nuclear war because “there isn't much reason to start one, assuming the US behaves rationally.” Assuming.
It's Just Different: A US State Department spokesperson was unable to explain the difference between Russian bombing in Syria, Saudi bombing in Yemen, and the US raining death randomly from the sky here and there as caprice dictates.
Assumptions: When economists talk about what the “new normal” growth for the US economy might be, do they ever consider that it might not grow?
Times Change: The Nobel Prize for Literature is going to Bob Dylan, as the Committee catches up with the grace, beauty and emotion expressed in lyrics, the current world's version of the poetry of the people. This was not an endorsement of his vocals.
Definition: Someone should explain to Donald just what “margin of error” means in the polls.
Too Little, Too Late: Reminder: the vast majority of Republican politicians are still on the Trump train. Republican voters, not so much. “Every Republican candidate should be walloped with the deranged nominee, every minute of every day.” Many Republicans seeking reelection are delighted with the sex scandals for giving them an honorable way out of their foolish commitments.
Cheers: A group of skateboarders in Vancouver held a birthday party for the woman who has gathered up their bottles and cans for 14 years. She brought the food.
Just Asking: What if better education and improved skills don't lead to increased productivity and higher living standards? What if it all just leads to unpayable debts?
Run/Hide: RNC spokesman Sean Spicer denies saying the exact things he said while defending Donald Trump’s sexual assault boast. Across the aisle, (temporary) DNC chair Donna Brazile, faced with an email that described a debate question for Hillary word for word, said that she never had access to the questions,that if she had had access to them she wouldn't have told Hillary, and besides, if she had had them and shared them she certainly would have had to deny the whole thing. Which she did.
They're All Lying: Dick Gregory Donald Trump insists that all of the allegations of his decades of sexual misconduct are a ‘Total Fabrication’.
Common Sense: Facing decades of rising sea levels, why is the government promoting and insuring coastal development? Why did it ever?
Nice To Know: Our chicken doesn't have maggots,” KFC explains.
A Parting Shot:


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

"his vocals" - peter, paul, and mary, and later jimi hendrix, delivered some of dylan's songs in ways he could not

Michael R said...

I knew a man, his brain so small

He couldn't think of nothing at all

Not the same as you and me

He doesn't dig poetry

He's so unhip when you say Dylan,
he thinks you're talking about Dylan Thomas

Whoever he was

The man ain't got no culture

But it's alright, Ma

Everybody must get stoned

--A Simple Desultory Philippic

Jesse said...

"They're All Lying: Dick Gregory Donald Trump insists that all of the allegations of his decades of sexual misconduct are a ‘Total Fabrication’."

Did you mean to say 'Dick Gregory' or was it to be 'Bill Cosby.' I was not aware of any allegations made against Dick Gregory. I know Gregory did make a statement about Cosb

kwark said...

RE "Common Sense": Cause there's lots of money to be made in coastal development. By developers. Who have "friends" and good lobbyists in DC. You know, the usual story when our government does perverse things. Or, if you prefer, because government is actively trying to waste taxpayers money. Because they're evil. Subsidizing big business though is not evil. Go figure.