Thursday, August 7, 2014

SAR #14217

It is not commitment I am afraid of, it's performance.

Walks Like A Duck: Several weeks into a trial of Formula 1 chief chief Bernie Ecclestone for bribery, the German prosecutors have accepted a $100m (£60m) 'payment' to make all the bad stuff go away. Anybody got a Thesaurus?

Point of No Return: The huge Amundsen Sea sector of the West Antarctic ice sheet has now entered a state of unstoppable collapse. Nothing can now halt the subsequent drainage of the entire basin. It has passed the point of no return and the warmer the world gets, the greater the risk that other parts of the Antarctic will reach similar tipping points So much for the “slow and gradual change” theory. 
Job Posting: Lobbyist John Feehery has “participated in multiple official interviews with job candidates” for positions in the office of Representative Steve Scalise (R-LAzy) the new GOP House Whip. Just part of the job.

Fallback Position: Portugal has bailed out Banko Santo Espirito to the tune of €4.9bn ($7billion). The bailout funds will come from the Portuguese peasantry, while senior bondholders will not lose a penny. Business as usual.

Half A Loaf, The Larger Half: One of the ideas suggested to soften the gross inequality in our nation is that of the guaranteed income. Knee jerk reaction is rejection. But we already have something very close: Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, WIC, free school lunches (and breakfasts), subsidized health insurance and lots more. Instead of this patchwork, and the attendant waste in paperwork and administration, perhaps it would be more effective to simply have a guaranteed minimum national income. It wouldn't have to be at the level the banksters have grown accustomed, but it could be far better than the current patchwork affair. 
Unanswered Questions: About ebola, there seem to be a few loose ends. Quite a few. Miracle cures, miracle airlifts, etc, etc.

The Results Are In: A review of general, primary, special and municipal elections since 2000 – which involved over a billion ballots – found 31 instances of voter impersonations that would have been prevented by any of the new voter ID laws. Thank goodness the Republicans are protecting the sanctity of the vote from blacks and old people.

Last Chances: The anti-choice movement” - no matter how much sugar they spread around – has one goal: to make women bear children they do not want and often cannot afford. Butt the Supremes (Roe vs Wade) said it was a woman's right. The legislation they parade as being in the interest of safety is really an attempt to make a woman's right to an abortion useless, because there will be no way for them to exercise that right. Maybe the courts will wake up to this and do something about it. Maybe.

Evidence: Nearly all of the growth in the US automotive sector in the last few years has been the result of a steady surge in car leases, not in purchases. It is a lot easier for someone with poor credit to rent a car than it is to buy one.

A Clean Getaway: After stealing wages and overtime pay from its employees, LinkedIn has agreed to pay $6 million to 359 of its victims employees. Jail time? You gotta be kidding. The guy that robs the 7/11 should get such a deal.

Porn O'Graph: Not your grandfather's gold rush.

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