Thursday, August 14, 2014

SAR #14224

Congratulations to Maryam Mirzakhani, winner of the 2014 Field Medal.

Save the Skeet! The US is sending 130 “assessment team members” (aka Special Forces troops) to Iraq's Mt. Sinjar where the 30,000 Yazidi not yet rescued by the Kruds are providing an excuse for America to get back into the fight. British SAS soldiers are also in the area - to “gather intelligence”.

Deep End of the Pool: What was once politely and cosmetically called 'disinflation' has now become deepening deflation over much of Europe and the much of the Eurozone in recession (not yet depressin, because that would be depressing). Portugal is reported to be in “deep deflation” with GDP falling 0.7% in July. Spain dropped 0.3%. Italy is at the balance point. Germany is “flirting with possible recession” as it's economy contracted by 0.1%. Eurozone orders for products from German factories fell 10.4% in June. The ECB is considering another band aid.

Onward And Upward: US retail sales stalled in July, Macy's has cut its same-store forecast, and Deere posted lower profits and cut its full-year outlook.

Mathew 19:6 A Federal appellate court has refused to stay a lower court's ruling that struck down Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage. Unless the Supremes step in, gays can now get married in Virginia, “It's for Lovers.”

I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday: Russia says it won't pay for the two French Mistral warships it ordered until the second one is delivered. They're not hamburgers, J Wellington.

Doing No Harm: In countries, like the US, where soap and clean water are readily available, putting antibacterial sanitizer in classrooms is not worth the money, does little good, and increases bacterial resistance. Lose, lose, lose.

Kinder, Gentler: Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey explains that the recent increase in the tax on fuel will not hurt the poor ‘because they don’t have cars’.

Filling A Need: Now that the Navy has removed Bibles from the guest rooms in its facilities, perhaps they'll provide an alternative for their guests bed-time reading – like copies of Lucretius' On the Nature Of Things.”

Relapse: The housing recovery [sic] has... paused? as mortgage applications fall to the lowest level since 2000. 
Enlightened Self Interest: The wife of the president of Texas' top anti-gay group divorced him to be with her lesbian lover.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

lucretius might not appeal to the navy, but how about epictetus, recommended by admiral stockdale?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Nope. Certainly Epictetus is more acceptable than the Gideons, I'm more of an Epicurean sort of guy.