Saturday, August 16, 2014

SAR #14226

If you cannot explain something, either it isn't true or you don't understand it.

District Nine: Things have gotten so bad in our cities that the Palestinians are giving our citizens tips on how to handle tear gas as they confront militarized robo-cop wannabes with armored cars, automatic weapons and not the faintest idea how to behave. The American police assault on our citizenry is so bad that foreign nations warn their citizens to avoid certain US cities – including St. Louis. Despite the knee-jerk reaction against the militarization of the police, they've got the weapons and they are going to keep them. And keep using them
Twenty/Twenty: In the last 20 years 20% of the wealth the middle class once had has evaporated. Well, not evaporated, just moved to a better neighborhood. Wall Street. As a result, according to the Fed, the typical American family doesn't even have $400 on hand for an emergency. “Most people live paycheck to paycheck.” 
Stirred, Not Shaken: Japan has abandoned its plan to corral Fukushima's radioactive underground water with a 1.4km long ice-wall because – like most of the things that have been tried – it doesn't work. Now they are gazing out at the Pacific Ocean and marveling at how big it is...

Offense, The Best Defense: Israel, trying to defuse the war crimes investigation its actions in Gaza have instigated, is going around the White House (which it doesn't own) and going directly to Congress to appeal for a resumption of missile shipments and other support. 
Roll Call: In NM, a sherriff with “misconduct” issues teamed up with his son to pistol-whip a motorist. In Utah, cops gunned down a young man because he couldn't hear them over the music from his headphones. In San Jose, the cops mistook a drill for a gun and killed the woman who was carrying it, and in AZ, they shot a lady who was armed with a hammer. In NY, the Democratic candidate for governor got off easy – he was only arrested for “menacing” police officers with an unloaded umbrella. In San Bernardino. Cops tasered a man to death for riding a bicycle. For two days, cops in NO neglected to admit they'd shot a man in the head during a routine traffic stop. In VA, a sheriff's deputy mistook his daughter for an intruder and shot her. In SC the cops showed exemplary restraint and managed to arrest a woman for swearing in public without shooting, beating, choking or gassing her. 
Popular, Ineffective, Profitable And Dangerous: Triclosan, the active ingredient in anti-bacterial hand soaps, pet-care products, school supplies and just about anything that claims to be antibacterial. It is also found in about 100% of pregnant women and is suspected to interfere with proper fetal development. 
Neat Trick: Germany says it had “accidentally” intercepted one of Secretary Clinton's phone calls. 
Surprise, Surprise: In an impressive display of rigorous research, economists can now confirm that there is “a clear connection between the rise in incomes at the very top and lower real wages for everyone else.”
Porn O'Graph: There's a deficit developing in our deficit.

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When your only tool is a gun, every solution looks like a bullet.