Monday, August 18, 2014

SAR #14228

Some aspects of global climate change may be debatable, but the human stupidity part is not.

With Friends Like These: The vicious gang of terrorists villains known as IS has been funded by Kuwait, Qatar, and of course, Saudi Arabia – the same guys that financed the 9-11 attack. Ain't the politics of oil a wonderful thing to behold?

Land of Oz: The NSW government is planning to give businesses two votes each in local elections. But the government in Queensland is requiring all business that use any renewable-sourced electricity to pay an extra $500 recurring fee to be hooked up to the electric grid. More of their attempt to kill solar power. And the environment. 
On Being Afraid: Health officials say that Ebola will inevitably migrate to the US, due to the interconnected travel networks. Some say the virus will not spread rapidly or far, but others warn we are “not nearly scared enough.” 
Ignorance Is Mandatory: In Syrian schools under their control, the Islamic State has banned the teaching of philosophy and chemistry. Their fear of philosophy is understandable, but chemistry would seem desirable. Seems they forgot that part of history that credits Islamic scholars with the preservation and transmission of science and philosophy that the West lost during the Dark Ages of Christian intolerance.

Cartography: If you have turned on the “location service” of your smartphone, Google is tracking everywhere you go and creates a map of the data – and you can go look at the map of your own wandering – it's not private y'know. Neat?

Payback: The Texas Public Integrity Unit, which is housed in the Travis County District Attorney's office, has indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry on two felony charges for his attempt to force the Travis County District Attorney out of office by withholding $7.5 million from the Texas Public Integrity Unit's budget. 
Rights, Wronged: The California Supreme Court has decided that exercising your Fifth Amendment rights can be taken as an admission of guilt and used against you
Sound The Bugles: In order to buck up the resolution of its waffling European allies, the US is sending 600 troopers from the 1st Cavalry to Poland, to replace paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne who have been “conducting exercises” in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Custer would be proud.


Chaos said...

Sorry friend, but that was a special prosecutor who caused the indictment of Rick Perry, not the Texas Public Integrity Unit.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Aw, where's Ronnie Earle when you need him?

TulsaTime said...

I saw the video last night of the lawyer being arrested for DUI that caused all this, she kept telling somebody to 'call greg'