Thursday, August 28, 2014

SAR #14238

Being a black man in the US is as much a death sentence today as it always has been.

Non-Discrimination Claws: The US has begun surveillance flights over Syria, a prelude to attacks on IS forces. But the White House insists that the US will “balance strikes against the Islamic State with attacks on Assad regime targets.” Kill them all, God will know his own.

On the Western Front: France's Hollande has turned the French economy over to the Rothschilds while hoping that Germany will “soften” its hard line on austerity measures. It seems that even Bernanke now realizes the 2008 housing meltdown was worse than the Great Depression and unfortunately, nothing has been resolved since then. 
Bread Eaten In Secret... In a remake of the Romney private meeting audio tape leak, a recording of Mitch McConnell (Desperate-KY) promising in private to implement extensive austerity programs if the GOP regains control of Congress has surfaced.

Fox/Henhouse: The ECB has hired Blackrock, the world’s biggest private hedge fund which makes billions manipulating the market, to advise it on how to manipulate the market. 
Professional Qualifications: Christine Lagarde has been formally charged with fraud and political corruption. No, not as head of the IMF – fraud, corruption and lying are part of the job description there. This is about the qualifications for the IMF position she showed while France's finance minister. 
Language, Use Of: NATO is planing bases in Eastern Europe in order “to counter Russia,”

Acts Of War: In Georgia cops tasered a tired man 13 times to make him 'move along'. He died. In Ohio a man was shot and killed inside a Walmart toy department for holding a toy gun. Pay attention.

The Cowards Way: Ever wonder how many parents – mommies mostly – do not take their kids to be vaccinated simply because they don't want to hear the little brats cry?

Back And Forth: Australia's PM Tony Abbott is going to put religious chaplains in state schools, while keeping secular representatives out. But he has backed off supporting the dumping of mine wastes on the great Barrier Reef.
Fairly Unbalanced: Outdoing FOX, the Washington Post says it will continue to publish the incoherent ranting of global warming deniers on the op-ed pages, along with astrologists, homophobes, advocates for human/unicorn sex and supply side economists.

Asked And Obvious: Are the US markets rigged? Really, someone got paid to write an answer to that one. 
Full Frontal Nudity: Robert Litt, who represented to CIA officers involved in the rendition and torture programs, has been hired by the Senate to decide how much of the Intelligence Committee's investigation into those programs should be made public.

Porn O'Graph: Revisionist thinking.

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