Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SAR #15035

Culling the herd is best done by sociopaths.

After The First Round: The ongoing match between Greece and Germany is... ongoing. We'll report on the outcome – eventually Germany backs down, with adequate cover from the PR flacks, while Greece moderates its demands, with adequate PR cover, and the Eurozone limps on to self-destruct another day. There is no Plan B
Dear Doctor Ooze: Nearly 80% of the herbal supplements on the shelves at GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart do not contain any of the herb.

Going, Going, Gone: Radio Shack, which has been going out of business for the last decade or so, appears to be nearing power-down. It seems to have defaulted on its last-gasp financing. Many stores will simply close, while both Amazon and Sprint have shown interest in some locations. Buggywhips.

To Self-Serve & Project: Florida's current governor, Republican Rick Scott, is refusing to hand over detailed records of his greatly self-financed electoral campaigns to an ethics investigation into possible violations of state law. Imagine, election improprieties in Florida...

By Popular Demand? Coca-Cola believes its new take on milk will “rain money” on the company because what the world desperately needs is milk with half the natural sugars and twice the protein at only double the price. It's going to be marketed as 'New Milk'. Just think of all the money they'll save reusing all that 'New Coke' advertising.

Busy Bodies: Freshman GOP Senator Thom Tillis (Regulator Guy, NC) says that the Federal regulation requiring restaurant employees wash their hands after using the bathroom is an example of government interference in small business operations. He says there should be no such regulation, but that restaurants that did not require this degree of cleanliness should be required to tell their customers that they do not. How the latter regulation is better than the former wasn't clear.

What Did She Know, When Did She Know It: In the early 1980's Maggie Thatcher was briefed on the pedophilic predilections of Sir Peter Hayman, then the UK's high commissioner to Canada. Nothing was done, even though it was known that both the CIA and KGB knew about the group of pedophiles high up in the Thatcher government and wanted to exploit them the way they were exploiting children.

No Harm, No Foul: S&P has agreed to pay a $1.5 billion fine to end the DOJ's prosecution of the firm for lying repeatedly about the value of those great RMBS and CDOs that contributed greatly to the demise of the US economy back in 2008. Part of the agreement stipulates that S&P does not have to admit that it did anything illegal or anything wrong (so why'd they pay the $1.5 billion?) and no one goes to jail. Oh, right. No one goes to jail.

Porn O'Graph: Market timing.

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Jesse said...

Requiring restaurants to post a sign about their handwashing policy is not regulation, but requiring them to have their employees wash their hands after using the restroom in the interests of public safety is?

The freak show marches on, unashamed and unaware.