Friday, February 6, 2015

SAR #15037

If the Fed and the ECB are so powerful, why have our recessions lasted so long?

Standoff: It's not quite High Noon yet, but Germany and the ECB refuse to negotiate and are quite willing to burn Greece to the ground to get their pound of flesh, in order to keep les autres – Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France – in line. The ECB position is that it, rather than the Greeks, owns Greece. Greece's new leaders are refusing to back down and, unlike Obama, will do what they promised they would do in the elections. 
Profiler: Science reveals that even cockroaches have personalities. Who's gonna tell McConnell
Surprise, Surprise: The US trade deficit grew by $6.8 billion in December, just as the value of the dollar increased in international markets. Think there's a connection? Think that the trade deficit will grow even more? Think that the stronger dollar will affect the international profits of Wall Street Corporations? What will this do to their stock prices? Tell me again how good a strong dollar is. 
Evidence: Mississippi permits no exemption for vaccinating children based on personal whim or religious belief and has not reported a case of measles in over twenty years. 
Fear Factor: Negative interest rates, which started with Switzerland and then spread to Denmark and Germany, have now spread to corporate bonds from Nestlé and Shell. Various explanations have been offered as to why someone would lend Shell a dollar knowing they'd get 99 cents back after a few years, but the most obvious one wasn't mentioned: It makes sense only if you suspect that your savings held in currency could be confiscated by the government. Or, if your funds are denominated in Euros, that the Euro might go away. 
Revisionism: Pope Francis has broken with long-established tradition and instructed Catholic clergy to never again cover up child sex abuse.

Weasel Wording: In the face of new allegations that rich Saudis bankrolled the 9/11 bombers as well as al-Qaeda and ISIS, articles are appearing that explain away the fact that... well, they did. Still do.

Perfectly Clear: After a Portsmouth, NH cop Tasered an elderly man undergoing a diabetic episode, the PD noted that “Our police officers are not paramedics.” 
Inquiring Minds: Why is Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan fighting so hard to keep the transcripts of the Eric Garner Grand Jury hearings secret?

Porn O'Graph: It's surrender, even if the flag's not white.

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Jesse said...

"If the Fed and the ECB are so powerful, why have our recessions lasted so long?"

That assumes that a broad recovery that benefits everyone equally is their goal.

And there is also the divergence between power and common sense, or common decency for that matter.