Monday, February 2, 2015

SAR #15033

Trust, faith, belief; three interesting words.

Keeping Score: “[O]f the domestic terrorism plots interrupted by law enforcement over the past decade, all but four were initiated by an informant-provocateur acting under FBI supervision.” Does it make you all warm and fuzzy to know that the Pentagon wants to 'monitor' social change activists?:

Semantics: France says it is ‘prepared to support Greece’ in debt renegotiations. Another interesting word, support. Comes in so many flavors.

Face Time: Facebook has decided to profit from its ability to know where your are all the time by selling advertisers the ability to show you ads for stuff in the store you are in, or to shout out the specials in the store just down the street. 
Fingerprints 3.0: The gummint wants to collect and analyze DNA from a million citizens, to start with. Volunteers. 
Drip Dried: After the wettest December on record, San Francisco did not get a single drop of rain in January. Worse, the snowpack in the California mountains – which is next summer and fall's water supply for most of the state – is only 27% of normal
Papers, Please: By mid-2016 you will need an internal passport a “Real ID card” to board any flight to anywhere except Guantanamo. Said cards are driver's licenses with certain strings attached... By 2017, they'll be required for trains, buses and taxis. They will not be required to enter Wal-Mart until after 2021.

Kissing Babies: Texas Governor Goodhair will designate a “Chris Kyle Day” in order to pander to voters
Protecting And Serving: The Palm Beach Sheriff's office is advising the old folks down there to simply run over protesters if they get in the way, while the NYPD commissioner has explained that those who think black lives matter are guilty of terrorism on the same scale as Mumbai and Paris. 
Possession And All That: Obama has told the Cubans that he is not going to give up Guantanamo. The US stole it fair and square and intends to keep it.

Quoted: "How does one report on politics when a significant wing of the political spectrum is... stark raving mad?” 
Opinions Vary: First the NYPD proudly announced the formation of a new 350 man unit equipped with armored vehicles and machine guns to counter terrorists and protesters. Later on, the bad PR caused them to delete the part about machine gunning protesters. They also will not be routinely deployed in precinct assignments. Not routinely, although both the officers and their weaponry “will be available”.

Black Is White: Obama's nominee to replace Eric Holder claims that NSA's surveillance of US citizens is “constitutional and effective”. It is neither.

Share And Share Unlike: The Dow 30 corporations now make $48,887 in profit off every employee. 
Clip & Save: When Jeb starts blathering about family values and all that stuff, remember Terry Schaivo and her family. 
Porn O'Graph: Rigging the count.

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