Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SAR #15055

Our most valuable company is Apple – a toy designer.

Round and Round: The US gives Israel over $125 billion a year to salve our conscience for letting Hitler kill 6 million Jews. Israel is giving $2.82 billion of it to Lockheed Martin for 14 F-35 stealth fighters. In essence we're buying them and giving them to Israel. They will be delivered as soon as Lockheed figures out how to make the damned things guns work. As far as exports go, it's a self-hoisting petard.

Training Day: The government expects at least 10 crude oil train derailments a year. Hundreds will be killed, billions in damages inflicted, oil profits will grow. 
Asked And Answered: Bloomberg asks “why is the world so bad at tracking dirty money?” Because the people who run the world and their bankers (as though the two are different) don't want it tracked. Next?

Gambling At Ricks: Secret intelligence cables show that Netanyahu knowingly lied when he claimed that Iran was producing nuclear weapons in 2012. Lots of other goodies, too. 
Spoiler Alert: The USGS acknowledges that "Deep injection of wastewater is the primary cause of the dramatic rise in detected earthquakes... in the central U.S. " Note that they carefully did not say “...of wastewater from fracking... was the culprit. But it is, even if they described it as “new technologies that enable the extraction of oil and gas from previously unproductive reservoirs."

Eurocurse: Yes, Germany has brought great poverty to Greece, but things at home are not all that great either; poverty in Germany is as high today as any time since reunification in 1990. But the German poor know their place and don't complain like those Greek crybabies.

Picture Op: A man standing on the tracks in Kalama, WA, taking a selfie, was run over and killed by an Amtrak train. 
First Half: A NY court has found the PLO and Palestinian Authority liable for the cost of the rockets, missiles and bullets Israel used to level Gaza $218 million in payments to victims of attacks in Israel. 
Loose Lips: The head of the NSA has declined to comment specifically on the recent hard-drive and SIM card hanky panky, but claimed the programs were awful lawful.

In Flagrante: Two former British foreign ministers maintain that recordings of them offering their “services” to foreigners did not prove they had actually received cash for their efforts and thus no wrongdoing had been proven. Soliciting a bribe is fine, being successful at it is the crime.

As We Knew All Along: A new report concludes that like 'clean coal', 'carbon sequestration – hiding CO2 deep in holes in the earth for ever and ever - doesn't work and isn't going to.

Yes, But... David Sirota notes that “: just taxing the 1% as much as we tax the poor would yield billions for cash-strapped states.” Which is another reason for not doing it.

You Don't Always Get What You Want: Obama says he knows that everyone wants secure mobile communications and is sorry he doesn't have that sort of influence over the NSA.

Knock Knock: Three students walk in a bar, each claiming that their 1550 SAT score makes them the best student. Which one actually got the highest score? Right, the Asian, who beat the white kid by 50 points and the black one by 280 points.

Exactly: The secret TTP trade deal is likely to add millions to the amount taxpayers will have to fork over for medicines. No, TPP does not stand for Terrifically Profitable Pharmaceuticals, but it should.

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