Saturday, February 14, 2015

SAR #15045

Love is just a bunch of chemicals messing with your brain.
Motivation: 'Anonymous' announced their intent to collect and publish information exposing the sadistic group of highly placed English child abusers who have been given tacit official permission to torture and murder children for the last thirty years. Good.

Extra Large: The oil and gas industry gave gave $236,544 on average to each of the 62 senators who voted yes on the Keystone XL pipeline project.

Pot/Kettle, An Encore: The US is accusing Russia of aiding the Ukrainian rebels ahead of the Feb 15th cease-fire, while the US continues to aid the more-or-less legitimate government it had installed in Kiev. 
Omnivores: Economic growth is the modern world's religion, with its promise of giving us what we don't have. But what if our quest for never-ending economic growth is doomed to fail? Or worse, what if we are doomed to recognize that it already has failed and will never return? What if our fears of living in poverty, inequality and hopeless joblessness are rational and reasonable?

Consider the Source's Source: Sen. Jim Inhofe (Comic Relief-OK) used 6-year-old photos of Russian tanks, claiming they were taken recently in eastern Ukraine and proved Russia had invaded. When confronted with this foolishness, Inhofe said he got them from the same source that gives him reports on the climate change hoax.

Sticks and Stones: Police in Pasco, WA shot a man to death for throwing stones at them.

Socratic Method: Dave Brat (R, VA) wants to cut all funding for secondary and higher education because the federal government didn't pay Socrates for training Plato. Sure, Brat never took a course in Ancient Greek Philosophy so he doesn't know better, who has?

Contact: Scientists claim it is long past time that an active search was undertaken to find intelligent life in Kansas on other worlds. 
Phrase Of The Day “Premature deindustrialisation”

Beginning of the End: ISIS has declared that smoking – both tobacco and marijuana – is 'slow suicide' and that it is an offense under Sharia law punishable by beheading. Only 'fast suicide' with dynamite strapped to your chest is permitted.

Dry, With A Twist... Later this century, droughts throughout the Southwest and Great Plains will last for decades, not years, and will be “far worse than any experienced in the last 1,000 years.” Conditions will make life as it is now known in this vast area – farming and ranching - impossible. Except in Oklahoma, where Senator Inhofe will not allow climate change. 
Marker: Hillary 'Iron Britches' Clinton has entered the race for the Republican nomination by accusing Europe of being 'too wimpy' with Putin.

Natural Reticence: Congress is showing a remarkable lack of enthusiasm for giving Obama the keys to the car the War Powers he has asked for. Seems he insists on being black and can't be trusted with weapons. 
Porn O'Graph: Nine out of ten.


Anonymous said...

Re: When confronted with this foolishness, Inhofe said he got them from the same source that gives him reports on the climate change hoax.

I hope that was a joke. Either way, I had a good laugh from it.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

It was. And so is he.