Monday, February 1, 2016

SAR #16032

It generally comes down to settling for the least distasteful candidate.
Biggish Deal: As regards Iowa’s caucuses, we know one thing: they don’t mean jack. Past two winners: Mike Huckabee (2008) and Rick Santorum (2012).
Discoveries: While the media mistakenly lump Bernie Sanders' supporters with Donald Trump's partisans, reality is a bit more nuanced. The Republican Party has discovered that the Republican base they've been pretending to represent does not exist and probably never did. Their voters were mainly voting against government, any and all government. They were voting against immigrants and anyone who didn't eat mashed potatoes every night. They never gave a damn about conservative ideology and don't today. On the other hand the Democratic leadership is aghast to discover that its core supporters actually believe in what the Party has pretended to be in favor of for decades while trading those beliefs away for Wall Street's money. The young voters who support Bernie do not support nor believe in democracy – they did back in 2008, but have learned better since watching Congress and the White House play with the public for fun and profit. Then there are the Clintons...
Quotes: It’s time for the United States to start thinking of Iraq as a business opportunity.” Hillary Clinton, who got $13 million from the health industry and learned that single-payer willNever, ever come to pass.”
Cruzing: In Iowa, Ted Cruz has sent Hester Prynne and selected other voters an official looking notice, pretending to be from the State, that they have failing scores as voters, which can be remedied by voting for Ted. The notice, like Cruz, is a contemptible fraud.
Profits: Police agencies in Europe report that over 10,000 migrant children are missing and have most likely been forced into prostitution or the slave trade.
Fairness: With all of the headlines about Top Secret emails, bear in mind that these were emails sent to Ms. Clinton and that none of them carried any security coding. In the same ballpark, the Pentagon has decided that General Petraeus will remain a general even though while Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan and later as Director of the CIA he traded top secret information for sex.
But Who Is Spanking Cruz? Ted Cruz says the “if my daughter Catherine, says something she knows to be false, she gets a spanking.”
Acquisition Malpractice:” The Pentagon is going to buy about 500 F-35 jet fighters, for several hundred billion dollars, before they finish assessing their ability to perform in combat. They also admit that the government may not be able to afford the necessary modifications to make them combat worthy.
How Can This Be About Religion? In Nigeria a bunch of jihadists from Boko Haram set fire to the huts in a village and burned children and parents to death. That massacre is wholly understandable in that their heroes in ISIS have executed 2,114 civilians in the last 19 months, many in ways that match Boko Haram in depravity.
Net Net: The “official” analyses of the economic effects of the TPP are based on the assumption “that there will be no net effect on the US economy from TPP.” They assume that exports will match imports, that any jobs lost will be replaced by new ones, and overall there will be no other costs to the country. Alrighty then.
Corrected: What species would will become dominant on Earth if when humans die out?
Two Or More Questions:Will the 2016 primaries be electronically rigged?” Possibly, but we will never know. The only really believable elections consist of paper ballots publicly counted and publicly secured, then permanently retained. Better believability than speed.
Liberal Leftist Plot: Snow fell in Saudi Arabia for two days last week, and in Kuwait for the first time on record. Senator Inhofe blamed it on the Democrats.
The Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

Money is corrupting everything.

The Sierra Club's CE could hardly sing a greater paean to Obama & his fracking Queen Jewell in their press release, but the business people were openly speaking the truth even back then...

It matters less whether or not the press is corrupt that it does that the people want the press to spoon them comfort food for the rot in their souls.

McMike said...

Re what maters is who counts the votes. Among all the disturbing facets of the hijacking of democracy by the elite and corresponding theft of our common wealth, even among the gerrymandering, voter purges, limited access schemes, ID requirements, and other election dirty tricks by partisan County Clerks & Secretaries of State, electronic voting stands as perhaps the most troubling of all: the turning over of our election process to partisan private companies - with the brazenly, comically insecure voting devices; defiantly, deliberately inaccessible to verification or audit; the insulting insistence on proprietary secrecy of code; the thin premises for its existence; and with now numerous documented highly suspicious anomalous outcomes consistently favoring the elite, mainly the right. All of this occurring with little coverage from the media and what's less, little protest from the Democratic Party, even when the Dems controlled a monopoly of Federal power. All of it nearing its second decade of existence.

Once it sinks in how deep and fundamental this abuse of democracy and daylight theft is - it's difficult to get worked up about anything else. This game is rigged from the word go: fail safe, locked down and outcome assured.

George Anderson said...

At the risk of sounding like an echo chamber (but that doesn't seem to bother the conservo-whackos...) I'll join the chorus condemning 'representative politics' as a quaint but long proven corrupt idea.

Does it matter who you vote for if it is impossible to hold that individual accountable when 'if' they sell their vote to the highest bidder? You only get to vote once every four years and what's the worst that can happen? They don't get a second term! It has long been apparent that this is no way run a republic or a quasi 'democratic monarchy' (better known as oligarchy, which kids are now protesting in the streets! [Yea Kids!]

In the end the 'solution' lies with Law. We all hate the idea of living under an unforgiving despot but the alternative is tyranny of the 'self-appointed' that we suffer today. The 'trick' to living under the rule of law is to keep the reins of power away from zealots and demogogues.

To surpress tyrants, we'd have to institute Anarchy (where the public votes directly (and accountably) on the laws and our leaders would be held accountable for their actions. As a society without prisons, accountability would be, er, severe. But I digress.

Who would lead us? Those who have PROVEN they can do the job. Native Americans could have taught us a lot because chiefs weren't born, they were chosen, usually after being put through a crucible where they proved what they were made of.

And before anyone gets the idea that 'fitness' is purely physical, think again. The winner could be quadraplegic because the tests would focus on 'problem solving abilities and tests of character' (which could make it a little dangerous to be related to a candidate.)

But now I'm headed straigt off the reservation. Forgive me, I'll shut up now.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from a 2 week vacation in New Zealand (Blenheim and Cromwell). Kept up on reality by reading this blog.

Record Chinese tourism in NZ, up about 35 - 40%; depending on which newspaper headline you read (they still got newspapers there).

Top 10% foreigners are buying up the island, sending real-estate prices to the moon.

When ya think about it, creating debt to create fake money to buy real property in NZ is a pretty cool scam. Ya gotta hand it to them smart-n-savvy people, they sure are smart-n-savvy when it comes to runnin' scams.

Anonymous said...

Fascist Youth?: Is there any science behind the opinion or did the author relied on intuition? Or just writing a story while drunk on a bar stool? If there is a properly structured study, then can we get RawStory to provide the links to the data? Media, now a four letter word

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

George Anderson wrote

Native Americans could have taught us a lot because chiefs weren't born, they were chosen, usually after being put through a crucible where they proved what they were made of.

i recall reading of a tribe that had a peacetime chief and a war chief - and the war chief was selected by the women

George Anderson said...

Yes, females were very involved in Native society, another department the Europeans could have taken lessons from...once again we see illustrated the difference between 'wisdom & knowledge'.

Less than a hundred years ago women were considered 'property'.

Anonymous said...

Religion: Sounds about par for the religious ethics of any large agrarian society resolving conflicts with some of that good olde religion.