Friday, June 3, 2016

SAR #16155

Nature favors the paranoid.
Confession: Prospective First Man Mr. Hillary Clinton says that “white, non-college-educated Americans‘ need to be brought along to the future.” Which rather admits that eight years with a Democrat in the White House hasn't done them any good. Which is somehow supposed to instantly convince them, and us, to vote for another Democrat.
On Choices: If the only way to escape a trap is to gnaw off my leg, I’d like to think I’d have the guts to do it.”
Me Too: It's hard to tell which is worse, Facebook listening to you whenever you talk anywhere near your cellphone or Google recording and keeping your conversations for years, along with a record of every website you've ever visitied. Silly you, you thought the NSA was bad – all they can do is throw you in jail, where you can presumably escape Facebook and Google.
Noted: “ To the media’s great shock and to the pundits’ great shock, there are millions of Americans who are very, very angry. And they’re angry because they’re working longer hours for lower wages. They’re angry because they’re working two and three jobs. They’re worried about the future of their children – getting decent jobs and getting homes. And then they look at the leadership of the Democratic Party and the leadership of the Republican Party and they don’t see people addressing – or even paying attention to – their needs. And Trump comes along and starts to blame Mexicans or Muslims or women for the problems facing society. The people are seeing that someone at least is speaking to their anger. And that’s unfortunate. That’s a very ugly approach. But that’s why he’s succeeding.” Bernie Sanders.
Miss Manners: The Pentagon insists that when US Special Forces killed seven civilians, including two pregnant women, during a nightime raid in Afghanistan they were “following the rules of engagement” which clearly state that shooting pregnant women and other innocents is acceptable because we're Americans and they aren't.
Universal Suffering: In Ohio, if you haven't voted recently, you can't vote. In Kansas a new voter must produce proof of citizenship in order to register. This is designed to disenfranchise the young by putting unnecessary hurdles in the way. Both states are under Republican control, and the Republicans intend to keep it that way.
Casey Jones: May's US railroad freight was down 6.8% y/y, which casts doubt on economists' claims that everything is coming up rosy. American ports report a continuing slowdown in container freight. So who you going to believe, the boosters or those who make their living hauling stuff around?
Multiple Choice: By avoiding press conferences – she's not held one in 2016 - Ms. Clinton is “playing to her strengths.” Her strength is: (1) Hiding from the press. (2) Hiding from the voters. (3) All of the above.
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McMike said...

Re overdose map. I had at first noted the correlation with "red state" counties. But I think the causal relationship may lie in the fact that it is actually a rural poverty map.

Anonymous said...

i was a sanders delegate to my Legislative district caucuses..these are the sec on level caucuses in washington state before the state convention.

if bernie is not nominated by the dems to run for prez i am giving serious consideration to voting for jill stein of th green party. her policies are largely in harmony with bernie except she is even more of an anti-war party candidate and supports palestinian rights to a greater degree.

wake up america…trump is an operative who mission is to drive moderate republicans and independents towards hillary …
thinking progressives will have no other choice.
she…is…the … oligarchy's….choice,

trump works for, and is part of, "the club"
(see george carlin warniNg , profanity, the F WORD

michael from olympia

Gegner said...

Good eye, McMike! I too started off looking for the conservative link then noted the 'desperation quotient' the locations implied.

Interesting theory M from O. It assumes there aren't enough voters who don't find either candidate [Trump or Clinton] acceptable will be guided by 'party loyalty' when neither side represents them!

A disturbing yet they take no pains to hide the fact that they are only concerned with the 'middle class', one many mistakenly 'identify with' just because they live indoors and haven't skipped a meal recently.

How sad is it that 'working poor' is a closer description of who the average voter really is?

With unemployment (including 'under-employment') aproaching fifty percent (if not exceeding, the (public) records don't provide that kind of detail.) it may be even worse than it appears.

In a tragedy that mirrors real live I just read a write up on 'Brain Dead' a new summer season TV program that parodies the current 'circus' in our nation's capitol as being attributable to a 'brain parasite' that has 'invaded' from outer space.

When the reality is far more frightening. The 'dissconnect' we've been witnesssing/bemoaning for decades actually pressages a return to the 'Dark Ages' where questioning the status quo can prove fatal...