Friday, June 10, 2016

SAR #16162

When did ignorance become a virtue?
Accept No Substitute: It seems inexplicable that the US does not use hand-marked paper ballots, hand counted in public at every polling place in the country, then publicly warehoused for the duration of the longest term of any elected candidate. Well, inexplicable unless those in power want to have less than a full and public tally of the votes.
Trust Your Gut: Researchers have discovered that if “snap judgments” reveal our true selves, our true selves favor cooperation. Selfishness requires thinking.
New & Improved: Turkish strongman Recep Erdoğan has insured that Turkey will not be admitted to the European Union as long as he and his co-conspirators are in power by signing into law a measure that essentially makes belonging to any party but his neo-Islamic AKP illegal and subjects dissenters to torture or assassination.
Jury Nullification: Prospective jurors in lenient-on-rapists Judge Aaron Persky's court have refused to serve for fear that the Judge's version of justice wasn't shared by the public.
Averages: Larissa Martinez, valedictorian of the McKinney, TX high school, revealed at her graduation that she was an undocumented immigrant, and explained that she had not brought drugs nor crime with her when she came at age 11, not had she raped anyone. She was, as Donald assumed, “one of the good people.”
Question: If Hillary is elected, will she be impeached over her emails?
Bank On It: Starbucks has more customer money piled on its cards than most bank have in deposits. Can you count your gift card as an asset when seeking a loan? Will Starbucks start paying interest?
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Anonymous said...

Question: If Hillary is charged with treason between her election and the swearing in, is she still immune from prosecution in the courts?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Well, common folk logic would say that being elected is not the same as taking office. But then, when did either Washington or the Clintons operate on the logic of us commoners?

Gegner said...

Speaking of logic: why would Hillary be charged with 'treason'? For not openly admitting she represent's Wall Street/The One Percent [when no charges were filed against Nixon, Reagan, Bush I or Bush II and Clinton (who was impeached but not for treason) or Obama?]

Will Hillary be impeached over her e-mails? She'll probably make some law firm rich defending her action or lack thereof in Benghazi if the conservo-whacko's have their way: Didn't stop them from prosecuting her husband for a BJ in the oval office.

PS by the way, THE PUBLIC paid a fortune prosecuting/defending Willy-Jeff and wasn't his prosecutor just bagged in a corruption case causing him to stand down as chancellor of Baylor University?

So question is rhetorical...YES Hillary will be impeached IF the Donald doesn't pull off the upset victory or Bernie doesn't, never mind. The One Percent has promised 'never again' so Bernie doesn't stand a chance in hell.

Ironically, ignorance is a virtue to the stupid.

Anonymous said...

Treason: "the crime of betraying one's country". If a government official takes money, or arranges for a spouse to take money from a foreign government or citizens of a foreign country in order to advance the interest of that country to the determent of the citizens and government who's interest the official has sworn to up hold, then that is treason.

Acting as an agent for a foreign nation with out registering and receiving approval is a criminal act, with penalty including loss of citizenship. Anyone remember Billy Carter almost got nailed because the unsophisticated boob took money from Libya without first registering. He was allowed to register post facto, supposedly after the State Dept determined the lazy slob never acted on behalf of Libya. Even registering is not protection from being prosecuted for acting against the interests of the the US government and citizens.

Gegner said...

What did she allegedly do and what's the proof it happened?

Sorry if I'm being a little slow on the uptake but I avoid the 'echo chamber' as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

She and Bill have taken money from China, from Saudi Arabia, and other nation's governments as well as agents of these governments. She has taken actions that promote the interests of these nations which are detrimental to the US Government and it's citizens. This is why she was so insistent on having her email on her own server, and why she was particularly incensed at Wikileaks/ PFC Manning.

Of course Bush, little shrub, Obi-wan, and many before them are guilty of the same, so being a traitor has become normalized.

Gegner said...

Thanks for fixing my ignorance. Hard to sort fact from fiction given the state of the media these days!

Anonymous said...

Normalized behavior for the privilege class. (The original meaning of privilege meant private or restrictied law).