Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SAR #16166

There seems to be no way to use the system to fix the system.
Macho Man: The American male's long standing and deep seated insecurity over his masculinity explains a great deal about the popularity of pickups, cowboy boots, tattoos, random mass shootings and the nation's gun problem.
Copy Editing: Which is correct: (1) “The White House Exaggerates the Benefits of the TPP to the Open Internet”, (2) “The White House Exaggerates the Benefits of the TPP to the Open Internet”, or (3) “The White House Exaggerates the Benefits of the TPP to the Open Internet
Free Doesn't Mean Free: A uniform basic income (UBI) – wherein the state provides a basic minimum income to every person – has something for everyone. For the left it would be a way of fighting poverty, for the Right it would be a way to streamline and simplify the social welfare state and stop its creep. And for those who really matter, the corporate giants who want all the money, it would be a way of providing their potential customers with money to buy stuff they are not needed to produce. And it would tend to keep slavery overseas.
Pot/Kettle: It is claimed Goldman Sachs hired prostitutes to win Libyan business. And apparently those whores hired women of ill repute to help them.
Just So: “There are good trade agreements to be made. And they can focus on things like protecting a free and open internet, and creating important safe harbors for communication and innovation. But the TPP is not that agreement.”
Bird In The Hand: Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26 billion in new debt, not touching the $92 billion in cash it has socked away overseas, hidden from the US taxman. Why are they paying $250 a head for every active LinkedIn customer? Captive sitting ducks for its push into cloud computing and professional services. Any other questions?
Tone Deaf: Trump is once again calling for an immigration ban, but the Orlando shooter was born in the US and is as American as Trump – who has four kids who were born to immigrant mothers. The problem is not immigration, nor being Muslim. This was a homophobic hate crime – and there is nothing more patriotic or “American” than taking an automatic weapon and killing people out of hate and misinformation. This was not terrorism, it was simply business as usual.
A Parting Shot:


Michael R said...

"This was a homophobic hate crime"

Subsequent reporting suggests it may have been instead another sexual repression/frustration mass slaying. Which, if not patriotic, is patriarchic, and there is nothing more American than that.

Michael R said...

Good discussion: http://www.juancole.com/2016/06/someone-salafi-jihadi.html

Demetrius said...

Perhaps there is no way to fix the system because there is no longer any system to fix.

Gegner said...

The 'founders' designed the system so the 'toolbox' was only accessible to the criminals themselves. The public must rely on their elected representatives to 'police' themselves. The 'represented' have zero recourse if the individual they elected fails to represent them.

Some may opine it is 'no system' but it's beginning to look like the designer hit his intended mark, a system impossible to alter 'arbitrarily'...although that's precisely how it happens!

The monied few get to write the rules for the rest of us while exempting themselves from those rules.

That's the 'change engine' we've been left with. Somewhat ironic considering money is 'funny' too. [literally wished into existence, as needed, as much as needed...and then some.]

So, who are these 'self-made men'? At best thieves and on the whole, oh so much worse!

Their mismanagement (college educated or not) molds the world we wake up to each day as their self-indulgence cascades through the channels of unintended consequences, producing the crime ridden, predatory social system we are saddled with.

Great for them. The rest of us, not so much.

Unknown said...

Might need Archimede's lever to get the tongue out of your cheek!