Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SAR #13121

It is incorrect to think that Washington cannot become even more corrupt.

Power Tripped: The world's second worst nuclear disaster keeps inching up on Chernobyl. Now the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is releasing a flood of highly radioactive, strontium-laced wastewater that workers have been unable to contain. TEPCO plans to chop down a small forest nearby to make room for hundreds of tanks in which to store the radioactive water until they can figure out how to quietly dispose of it. Eventually, of course, most of the water will end up in the Pacific. So sorry, said the chairman of Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority, “there is concern that we cannot prevent another accident.”

Above, Left: Researchers have found that women perceive men with 'heavy stubble' to be most attractive. Gentlemen, put down the razors and back away.

Battery Up: Congress couldn't come up with a farm bill, so they punted and will have to start all over again this fall. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program – food stamps – which is run by the Department of Agriculture, is a major sticking point. At a time when more Americans than ever need food assistance, the Republicans want to cut assistance by $20 billion over the next decade. The crazy Republicans want to cut $135 billion over the same period, starting with $125 billion in the first five years. Guess we won't have a farm bill next year, either. (Note, Republican counties are responsible for most of the food stamp growth during the Current Unpleasantness.)

Distance Measurement: Did Ron Paul go to far when he said that police agencies used Police state tactics” in the wake of the Boston bombing that were abhorrent. Or not far enough?

Unwashed: Does the country benefit from "free trade"? Do you? Yes, big corporations do, but do you? Sure you get to buy stuff cheaply at Wally World - you have to because free trade has shiped so many jobs overseas that you can't find a decent paying job, even though corporate profits are soaring. In fact, 'free trade agreements' have little to do with free trade and much to do with freeing up the rapacity of corporations and are likely to hurt those without the money and power to be part of the game. You, in other words.   Today's Assignment: Secret “Free Trade” Negotiations Will Gut Regulations, Further Enrich Multinationals and Big Financial Firms - Yves Smith

Odds: Too bad that the 62% of Americans who say the US “does not have a responsibility to get involved in Syria” don't count.

Insurance Scam: Turns out that the FDIC insurance is about as good as health insurance – excellent until you need it. The bankers, and their government in Washington, intend to use the money you have in your bank account to help fund the next bailout of the too big to fail banks when once again are failing. They would confiscate any of your assets above the FDIC limit and issue "shares" to replace your assets below the limit - promising you can redeem them. Some day. Think Cyprus.

Left Behind: What if all the kids in all the schools on all the NCLB tests just answered havlf the questions? Would it be seen as a protest, or just the expected results?

Be Even More Afraid: The government thinks you are having a lot more fun than you are and suggests you take a break and go down to the drug store and get tested for HIV. Right now. And once a year from now on. Just in case you are one of the 10,000 ( out of 315,000,000) who become infected in the United States each year and don't know it, get tested.

Holy Kinder, Gentler: The RC's to celebrate the new pope, have excommunicated a Brazilian priest for supporting the gays in his community. So God doesn't love all of us yet.

Drop The Sign And Step Away: Oregon's House has passed a bill that effectively makes protesting the clear cutting of old growth forests an act of terrorism. Strangely, some people view passing stupid laws in the same light. Like in Tennessee, where the legislature wants to make exposing animal abuse on factory farms and in slaughter houses a crime., protecting the doomed animals from “ suffering months of needless investigation before we kill them

Porn O'Graph: The 30% dissolution.

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Anonymous said...

"above left"

hmmm harder to run for office but better to "get lucky"...not that luck has all that much todo with it ;0

(ill have to trim my bear as little)

best wishes
mach turtle

Anonymous said...

oops bear should be beard...actually pretty funny as written!


TulsaTime said...

It's Iris time at my house, after watching the bloom pods for weeks. It's about dang time too, I need a pretty lift from all the idiot-itis that is flooding the reality verse. AS IF anyone could think it can't get worse.

Scams are dangerous bidness, and that fdic one could be the new sore spot for a lot of people. Food also, so poking at the food stamp kreature could prove counter productive at best.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

- Food stamp cuts counter-productive... Yeah, especially since a lot of Republican Farmers income depends on foodstuffs bought with Food Stamps.

HS said...

Power Tripped: A significant number of physicists believe that at least one, if not two, reactors have had their containment vessels breached by nuclear fuel. That would make Fukushima numero uno.