Monday, May 27, 2013

SAR #13147

Repeat after me: "Emails are not private."

Good Question: Why should Apple have access to any US infrastructure – roads, railroads, airports, public airwaves, college educated workers and consumers who can read and write - if it refuses to pay its fair share of taxes?

Revised: Obama to meet with survivors of Guantanamo the tornado in Oklahoma drone attacks in Pakistan.

Heresy: One of the ways that would help the poor and get the economy moving again would be to simply give people cash. Don't think so? Why not, you'd spend it, wouldn't you? It's called demand and that's what's missing. Immoral? Yeah, and all that grocery shopping would be fattening, too.

Why, Oh Why?If there are 26,000 instances of rape and sexual abuse in the US military every year, why don't at least 20,000 of these so-called 'heroes' get dishonorably discharged every year - after they spend a few years in Leavenworth?

On Being Wrong: Received wisdom says that “an increase in bank reserves deposited at the Fed eventually feeds credit growth and thereby inflationary pressures...” But reality disagrees. The Fed “only provides liquidity... Only banks and shadow banks can create credit.” And if no one wants to borrow or meets the banks' criteria, no credit creation and thus no inflation. Stock market bubble, yes, but no impact on reality.

Herded: “...we’re left with a target that’s considered respectable because it’s what all the respectable people say, and is what all the respectable people say because it’s considered respectable.”

The Street Where You Live: With the housing recoveryTM now in its second or third year, or maybe not, at least 40% of those of us with a mortgage cannot afford to sell our houses – over 25% because we're still underwater and at least another 18% because what we could get would not cover the mortgage and the cost of selling the place. And if we're at break even, where does the down-payment come from for the next place. Or even the first-last-and-security-deposit for an apartment?

Definition:'Derivative' in finance, is a bet on whether or not another bet will win or lose. It is respectable, whereas cock fighting is not. Letting the too big to fail banks continue to gamble is called 'financial reform'. Democrats are paid to be for it, just like the Republicans.

Perhaps it's not China... Now computer security experts claim “a new wave of potentially destructive computer attacks striking American corporations, especially energy firms” is rooted in Iran, not China. Maybe.

Ill Windbag: Senator Tom Corburn (Moralist – OK), who doesn't want any aid for his constituents unless it is taken from somebody else in some other state, says that Federal Disaster Aid means that “people don't have to be responsible for what goes on in your state.” Meanwhile, Obama was wandering around Moore personally assuring victims and those who had lost loved ones that in the face of disaster Americans help Americans, which is against Coburn's religion politics.

Proud Texans: There's a new crime wave in Texas – the homeless hungry are being arrested for “disturbing the contents of” garbage bins.

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TulsaTime said...

Heresy - Well, they have proved they can't restart the economy by pouring money into the top of it, trying to pour money on the bottom might work or blow it up real good again. It would sure be cheaper that QE, however much that is both on and off the books.