Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SAR #13142

Were we a rational society, a virtue of which we have rarely been accused, we would husband our oil and gas resources.” M. King Hubbert

Guns, Sticking To: Both of Oklahoma’s Senators, Inhofe and Coburn, voted along with 35 other Republicans to deny federal funds to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Both of the weasels were on the podium today, demanding federal funds for Moore, Oklahoma's survivors. Inhofe says “it's different” - the difference being that it is his voters who suffered – and Coburn, softie that he isn't, wants the money for his constituents to be taken from other Senators' constituents.

Once More, Without Feeling: Russia claims it has killed a top Islamist terrorist. It was unclear if this was one of the top Islamist insurgents that the US has killed several times in Iraq and Afghanistan and at least once – by drone – in Yemen. Kill them all, Allah will know his own.

Proofreading: “Washington has all but abandoned efforts to help the economy recover faster

Education vs. Training: About 40% of graduates from 4-year colleges end up in jobs that do not require a degree, and less than 30% have jobs that are related to their majors. A lot of money got wasted, if getting a job in a particular field was the motive for spending all that time and money. Too bad there isn't a way to measure actual education, instead of job training efficiency.

Inquiring Minds: If you were wondering how well German-imposed austerity is working in Greece, it isn't.

Unclear On The Concept: Would be pundits want to know if the Moore tornado was caused by global warming/climate change. Well, yes; and no. Climate change has to do with climate; any given tornado (hurricane, flood, etc.) is a weather event. Climate change makes such events more likely, but does not micromanage. The increase in the occurrence and severity of these dramatic events is a consequence of global warming, and not as Gov. Christie says, the result of “liberal public radio”, which is not nearly that powerful.

Theory vs Reality: In the absence of a workable plan to end quantitative easing, what happens next?

Porn O'Graph: Highs & Lows.

The Parting Shot:


Grass flowering.

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