Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SAR #13148

Most ways to constrain population growth are less than benevolent.

Mix & Match: While Senator John 'The War Lover' McCain is posing for photos with Syrian rebel leaders, Russia is promising to deliver missiles to the Assad regime, and the EU ended its embargo on arms shipments to the rebel factions

Decisions, Decisions: The Republicans want Obama to authorize building the Keystone XL pipeline without considering any impact it may have on global warming. Excuse me, but is there any reason to reject the pipeline other than its impact on global warming?

Now they're just messing with us. Physicists have long claimed (and shown) that entangled quantum particles can affect each other even if they are light years apart. Now they have shown that that entangled photons do not even have to exist at the same time. Neat. Not time travel so much as inheritance.

Vocabulary: There is a word for this kind of market: Bubble.

Cost Plus: How safe is that bridge you're driving over? How high is high? How sequestered is common sense? We could fix 'em with $76 billion – about what we deliver to Ahmed Karzai in trash bags each year.

Stay Tuned: The Canadian Federal Court – the national trial court for legal disputes at the federal level – has ruled that Canada's 2011 federal election, in which Harper's Conservative Party prevailed, was characterized by widespread fraud and corrupted by an orchestrated effort to suppress votes. The Harper government's obstructionism, non-compliance and attempts to disrupt and derail the court hearings suggest the party “has something to conceal.” “Either senior leaders of the Conservative Party were directly involved in election fraud or they were astoundingly negligent.” This will, of course, have no effect on the powers that run the country.

Br'er Rabbit and the Briar Patch: The Obama administration has told the UK that if it chooses to leave the failing European Union it will not be permitted to suffer further humiliation and loss of sovereignty under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Sin and Wages: When economists say “that 'we must pay for past sins', ask yourself who is this 'we' person and just which sins did 'we' commit? What did 'we' do wrong that necessitated punishment – or for that matter what did ordinary Greeks or 22 year-old Spaniards do that was so terrible? If someone must be punished then why not those who caused and profited? Ah, “I dream of a day when the only people who suffer from money-losing investments are the money-losing investors, whose only penance is lost money."

Liberalism Runs Amok. Arizona's Republican Governor, Jan Brewer, will be burned at the stake in front of the state capitol for threatening to veto everything the legislature passes until the GOP-controlled body accepts expanded Medicaid under Obamacare.

Fine Print: Researchers claim that NY will be fossil-fuel-free by 2050. One way or another.

Lonely At The Top: The ultimate rulers of the universe – the 100 richest people in the world – have sufficient income to end poverty. Four times over. Why do the rest of us continue to endure this absurdity?

Can You Hear Me Now?Danish high school students planted twelve trays with common garden cress, put six of them in a room with no source of electromagnetic radiation and six of them in a room containing two Wi-Fi routers. The cress grown in one room thrived, in the other room most of the plants died. Guess which was which. Oh, and did you know that Wi-Fi routers put out the same sort of electromagnetic radiation as your cell phone.

The Parting Shot:


Blackberries, on order.


rjs said...

re: Blackberries, on order.

got bees?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Damned few.

HS said...

M&M: That should end well, considering that the Syrian war is really about whether Russia gets to continue it's monopoly on natural gas in Europe.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

HS: More! Tell us more, or send us to a site with some of these there insights. &Thanks.

Classof65 said...

As for the XL pipeline
1. The sludge is not meant for U.S. consumption. It will be refined in Texas and then shipped to China.
2. All pipelines leak at one time or another -- let it leak on Canadian soil, not on ours where it will pollute the aquifer that is already in danger (Ogallala, I think).
3. The pipeline will not create the thousands of jobs promised. At most it will create a tenth of what they tout and those will mainly be only temporary.
4. I've always liked Canada until this project came up. Now I don't anymore...

TulsaTime said...

Tell that dang fool McBrain we need a war in this hemisphere. It's such a waste to blow up stuff half the world away, especially when we have continents of brown folk so close.

Crazy old man...