Thursday, May 9, 2013

SAR #13129

If I had the faintest idea what it might be, I'd try to do the right thing.

Good News, Bad News: The good news is that the nation's deficit is shrinking, quickly. The bad news is that the nation's deficit is shrinking too quickly. The only bright spot for the legions of unemployed is the stimulus provided the economy by government deficit spending, and that light continues to dim.

Attention Shoppers: How little is too much? What can an average consumer do to help prevent the abuse of workers typified by the tragedy in Dhaka? Maybe there's more to life than 'always the low prices.'

Too Big To Fail: Senator Warren (Heroine – MA) has introduced a bill directing the Federal Reserve to give loans to college students at the same rate the Fed gives billions of dollars weekly to the nation's too big to be bothered banks. For extra credit, define 'populist'.

Plans, Mislaid: An Italian court has ruled that former Prime Minister Berlusconi's conviction was valid, reinstated the four-year prison sentence and the five-year ban from holding public office. Bunga, Bunga.

Blind Faith: The US is now peddling the idea that left to its own devices, no matter how much its economy and its citizens suffer, every nation will do the right thing and severely cut its CO2 emissions. No, the US isn't going to go first, silly.

Bearing Arms: The NRA kept investigators from using existing technology to identify the source of the explosives used in the Boston bombing, just as it prevents police from tracking the gun that was used to kill a police officer in connection. Nothing new about this, the NRA has for years handicapped police efforts to identify criminals by the guns they use. The NRA even prevents the government from requiring gun merchants take inventories to see if any of their weapons have been stolen.

Health & Safety: Strawberry pickers who fled the Springs Fire in California have been fired for walking off the job.

Crime Continues to Pay: It seems that Enron's Jeff Skilling may be allowed to buy his way out of prison with $40 million from the money he managed to keep from the $40 billion he and Ken Lay and their friends cheated the public out of. Ain't this a great country?

Too Little, Too Late: Those liberal scientists have been at it again, this time claiming they've found that receiving extended unemployment benefits does not discourage people from taking jobs when they are available – no matter what the Republicans say.

Truthiness: A federal appeals court have struck down the requirement that private employers must post notices telling workers they have the right to join a union. Probably on the grounds that companies should not be required to lie to the hired help.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Republicans at the NC statehouse want to prevent teenagers from finding out if they have gotten an STD without their parent's consent. (The consent would presumably be for getting the test, not for getting an STD.) It would also prevent anyone from providing information about STDs or birth control to teens. It'll lead to some interesting silences in the school counselor's office.

Redundant Question: Have we overdone the 'Go to college, get that degree!' message? Y'think? Tell me again about being a barrista with $65,000 in student loans.

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