Friday, May 17, 2013

SAR #13137

Investments should not be based on any fundamental other than an educated guess as to which stock will be picked by everybody else; performance is not nearly as important as popularity.

Microwaveable Feast: The UN FAO suggests that one way to feed the additional billions of hungry folks that the expanding population coupled with the agricultural damage done by global warming over the next few decades will be to incorporate insects into our diet. They are nutritious, breed rapidly, are found everywhere and are very efficient at converting feed to food stock. And most importantly, they are not Soylent Green .

Factoid: If governments withdrew their massive subsidies to the oil industry, forcing the industry to pay the true costs of bringing its products to market, gasoline prices would be upwards of $12 per gallon at the pump. It may be corporate socialism, but a lot of it is rubbing off on the customer.

The Center Cannot Hold: Turns out the Earth's insides turn at differing speeds. Our core is out of sync, speeding up and slowing down relative to the mantle and the crust. It is probably important to know this, but scientists don't know yet how important or why and are pretty sure it won't change the price of coffee. Not as much as advertising does.

To Whom It May Concern: SAR is on a brief bit of recuperation & will be back full strength come Monday next. Or Or Tuesday.

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Demetrius said...

Hope it goes very well.

unhappyCakeEater said...

but can humankind produce enough shit to feed all those bugs? oh...wait..nvm

good luck on the r&r. i hope it involves beer and waves. if thats your thing, anyway.

TulsaTime said...

Oh YES, let's disrupt the rest of the food chain by eating insects, because I just KNOW we will breed them extra. What an f'ing brilliant idea, and one I might expect from the UN. And let's harvest krill from the ocean, those whales and fish will find something else....

humanity is really this stupid and will perish, because there is no self limiting gene within us