Monday, May 13, 2013

SAR #13133

Yeast have an excuse.

A Day In The Life: Where does the line run between charitable non-profit social action organizations and partisan political activity? We're all sure that some 501(c)3 groups fall into the second category and so is the IRS. While the rules are pretty linent, using the charitable exemption to hide political actions and evade political spending limits should not be tolerated. Good for the IRS for doing at least part of its job.

Fun For All: The non-government side in Syria (we don't really know if they're The Good Guys) is losing ground to Assad's forces. Syria is being supported by Iran (rockets) and Russia (anti-aircraft missiles in case the US wants to play “no-fly zone”). Opposing the regime are a bunch of more-or less AL-Qeada Islamist guys with rifles, supported by Turkey, Israel and the US - not necessarily in that order.

Not A Bird, Nor Superman: The FAA says not to worry, they know what is circling over Quincy, MA, all night every night lately, “It's not a drone. It’s an authorized flight and we are aware of it.” And 'we' are not going to tell you what it is.

Testing, Testing: The German association of pharmaceutical manufacturers say that there is “no reason to suspect that anything irregular happened,” even though various Western drug companies tested experimental drugs on over 50,000 unwitting East Germans, back in the days when there was an East Germany. Some test subjects died. Money changed hands. It wasn't “irregular” at all, just business as usual.

Cutting Back On Carbohydrates: Citing the prolonged drought and late freezes, the USDA says this year's wheat harvest will be down 26% from last year in OK, 22% down in KS, and down about 10% nationwide.

If, Then, When: What happens when Pakistan has had enough of the US slaughtering its citizens and demands the US halt drone strikes? What could they do, what would the US do in retaliation? Stay tuned: The PLM-N party which just won the national election, has promised to stop US drone strikes in Pakistan.

Confirmation: A lawyer in Minnesota billed a client for the time he spent having sex with her. He rounded his fee up to the next higher quarter hour.

Lost In The Mist Of Time: Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been urging community organizations, church groups and even health industry executives to help nonprofit groups that are working to spread information about the Health Care for America Plan and to enroll uninsured Americans in the program. Tennessee's Lamar Alexander says this is far worse the Reagan's Iran-Contra series of crimes in which the US secretly sold weapons to an enemy state (Iran) and used the proceeds to secretly fund an illegal genocidal war against the people of Nicaragua in support of American commercial interests. From a Republican viewpoint, helping the poor legally access healthcare is apparently a monstrous crime.

The Talking Cure:The G7 countries have agreed that tax cheats are cheating and must be stopped. Or forced to pay donate more to the politicians running the G7 countries– one or the other.

Ye Olde Trojan Terminal: Turns out that companies and government officials who used Bloomberg terminals to search for information were being searched for information by Bloomberg, which was tracking who went where to find out what and sharing that information with, at least, their journalists.

Looney Toons: In a fund-raising email, Rand Paul (Wannabe-KY) claimed that Obama is working with 'globalists' at the UN who have a secret plot to confiscate and destroy all civilian firearms and ban the sale of all semi-automatic weapons.

Porn O'Graph: Priorities, by region.

The Parting Shot:


Erigeron philadelphicus Common Fleabane


Robert Lowrey said...

Beautiful photo

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Thanks, Robert. Fleabane is too common and a bit too dishevelled to be seen as more than a weed,sort of like voters...

Anonymous said...

"The PLM-N party which just won the national election, has promised to stop US drone strikes in Pakistan."

Wow, political parties in Pakistan keep their promises!!! Must be the only place in the Universe. In places like US, England, France, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Canada, etc. they usually change their minds for a compensation, of course.

Anonymous said...


heres a story that might merit your attention

several kern co california deputies and several california hwy patrol officer, allegedly beat an intoxicated man to death with batons

witnesses have stated to multiple news outlets that the victim who appeared impaired and was found lying on the ground, was not resisting arrest and that he was struck, 15 to 20 times, often in the head as he lay on the ground pleading for his life.

according to witnesses and one poor quality video that the police did not manage to confiscate, the victim was beaten to death by several kern county deputes and caifornia hwy patrol officers present at the scene

winesses took video of the incident which the police confiscated. in one case cops went to a bystanders home and held that person prisoner in their home until the cops got a warrant some time later to allow them to take the phone.

if true, this shit happens all too often... if the allegations are true...if..then to call the cops animals is to give animals a bad name

mach turtle

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 12:58. There you go, ruining the suspense for the rest of us. Maybe this time will be different .

As for the cops-beat-citizens story, mach turtle, I read it in a couple of places and thought it was too commonplace to comment on. Which is a comment in itself.

TulsaTime said...

Yeah, the last several 'beat to death' stories I have seen involved SoCal locations and multiple officers on a reportedly crazy drunk that would not stop short of brain trauma. Way too commonplace, as you say.

It is a shame that the IRS can't do it's job anymore with tax-emempts. All the new groups that pop up are always politically sensitive, but the abuse seems really rampant, what with all the low info types not knowing what is allowed to start with.

Summer is coming in, time for an increase in 'new plague' stories. I see we have a new flu and a new Roto-rooter virus, fun n games!!! DEFUND the CDC!!!!