Friday, June 13, 2014

SAR #14163

Recycling: "Why were we in Vietnam Iraq?" 
Perspective: “ In the classrooms of my childhood, they taught us about the silk trade and the noble quest for new sea routes and that sort of thing. Go, civilization! I remember no unpleasant disclosures about the rape of Africa or the profit to be made by Europe’s upper classes in human trafficking.”

Romancing The Stone: Republicans would be more open to science if it even occasionally supported their views.

Because Security... A federal appellate court in Florida has ruled that the police need a warrant to track you by means of your cell phone. The NSA, of course, can continue to do whatever it pleases.

Kickoff: The band marches on, with ISIS troops (they are an army now, not 'fighters' or 'jihadists') less than 70 miles from Baghdad. The US has Pontious Pilated Iraqi PM al-Maliki's request for US airstrike support. Kurds have solidified their control of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. Best bet: a trifecta, a Shia south, a Suni north, and an independent Kurdistan.

Like That: Facebook is selling your browsing history to advertisers, while telling you it's for your own good – because the ads will now be better targeted at your weaknesses.

Free Is Good: Tesla's Elon Musk has given all of his company's patents to “the open source movement” to help spur the development of electric vehicle technology. Musk believes that the world needs and will benefit from “a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform” on which to base the future of the automobile.

Size Matters: The NSA has told a federal court that it would really, really like to comply with the judge's order, but is just too big to bother to do so. 
Crumbs: A British Court of Appeal has ruled that the secret trial of the secret terrorists can proceed, but only if the suspects names are released and a few bits and pieces of the proceedings are made public. Don'tcha think that if these terrorists are part of a group, the group has noticed they've been missing meetings?

Wowser: The Packing House restaurant in Newport, Kentucky has instituted a no tipping policy. Instead, its servers will make $10.00 an hour or 20% of their individual food sales, whichever is higher. 
Facts In Evidence: If the recovery is so strong and the economy is doing so well, why are 20% of our school kids living in poverty and over a million of them homeless? Why is a lower percentage of Americans working now than before the recession 'ended', why do 49 million Americans have to deal with food insecurity? 
Most Likely... The 'coolest' kids in high school are the ones most likely to end up as criminals. Or bankers.

Porn O'Graph: Wall flowers
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Anonymous said...

One way to stymie FB would be to simply ignore advertising. No clicks, no sales.

Matte Gray said...

At the Packing House we'll be hearing, "Are you sure you don't want fries with that?"

Jesse said...

The Packing House might consider adding 'Prix Service Compris' to their menu in honour of their innovation.