Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SAR #14168

Want another helping of Freedom Fries?

Prime Rant: If you listen to the self-serving blather of the people who are responsible for the US invasion of Iraq, we are supposed to send even more Amerian soldiers to die while killing Iraqis because the foaming mouthed lying chicken hawks hate Barak Obama, and for no other reason.” How many more dead and crippled will do it? “Go ahead, put a number on it, give me a number, how many lives, how much money, how many years...” Yeah, let’s go back to Iraq. It was so much fun the first time. But this time put the talking heads at Fox News in the first wave, led by Rumsfeld, Cheney, and George W. Bush, with Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck, Wolfowitz and Feith clearing the way. Make the Koch brothers and Mitt Romney pay for it, and when they run out of money we'll ship them to Fullajah. Fair's fair.

Standards: The IMF has reduced its estimate of US 2014 GDP growth to 2%, down from 2.8%, citing the extreme level of poverty in the US for the lack of economic activity and strongly suggesting that the minimum wage be raised significantly. Remember the good old days when we owned the IMF?

The Usual Suspected: Britain’s top counter-terrorism official has acknowledged that the government monitors every Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google user in the UK, and maintains that because they intercept this data outside the UK the spying is legal.

Doomed: Only 11% of Democrats want a more liberal presidential nominee than Hillary Clinton. Hillary, liberal? Hillaryous.

Getting Away With Getting Away: The Supreme Court says that homeowners in NC can't sue a company that contaminated their drinking water decades ago because the homeowners didn't file their lawsuit within ten years of the contamination starting. That they did not know about the contamination until after that time is just too bad. The lesson: you get away with screwing the public if you do it in secret. Under the Roberts Court: Corporations 56, Consumers zero.

Lines In The Sand: Qatar says that if the US intervenes to prop up Maliki, it will be seen as declaring war on Sunnis. Seems fair, they've declared war on the US, even our one-time friends the Saudis, who have been financing radical Sunni jihadists for decades. Even the US, in its ignorance, has been treating ISIS elements in Syria as friends until recently. When it comes to making bad situations worse, we're number one.

Down, Under: The climate change denialists running Australia are trying to remove World Heritage status from 74,000 acres of protected rainforest so the loggers can clear-cut their way through it. They've also given permission for a favored bunch to begin fracking for gas in the Kimberly region without an EPA assessment. Next door in New Zealand, the government has opened up the habitat of the world's rarest dolphin to oil exploration. 
Porn O'Graph: We are there. 
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