Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SAR #14167

Empirical findings are neither right nor wrong, they're empirical.

And Counting... April marked the 350th month in a row that saw above-average temperatures globally.

Bouncing Ball: If new car sales are not included in “retail spending”, then the growth in consumer spending over the first 4 months of 2014 has grown less than 1.5% y/y. So cars are the only thing propping up the economy right now. And research shows that these new car sales are mostly coming from zip codes where poor credit scores predominate. The conclusion seems to be that high risk loans to those most unlikely to make their payments is at the core of today's economy and tomorrow's crash. With a little help from student loan defaults, of course.

Reality: “NSA is at war with Congress to keep them in the dark about what they’re really doing.” Could the NSA have stopped the 9/11 plotters? Most likely, but they would have had to share information with other spy agencies, and that simply isn't done.

Morality Pay: Under what moral or ethical code can nine people be allowed to keep more wealth than 4,500,000 of their fellow citizens?

Not Reliable”: Imagine being able to shoot down a rocket that is zooming towards you at 15,000 miles an hour. Just imagine. You have to imagine it, because the Defense Department has spent $40 billion dollars trying to do just that and can't even hit a target when it knows where it is - even though they have claimed the system is “operational” for the last 10 years. “How much good we could have done in this country with, you know, forty billion fcking dollars?"

Shoe/Foot: What would happen if a bunch of young black men walked down the street in Plano, TX, openly carrying their legally purchased, lawfully registered firearms?

It's Only Words: With Justice Clarance Thomas as the appropriate spokesman, The Supremes unanimously ruled that lying is protected free speech, and that making knowingly or reckless false statements about a political candidate is not a crime.

No Comment: The New Jersey legislature is debating making bestiality illegal. All against say “neigh”.
The Parting Shot:


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

no excuse for 9/11

but at least they prevented the boston marathon bombing

Anonymous said...

Just an anecdote unrelated to todays links: a woman who was a hoarder died when her ceiling collapsed from the weight. Even more disturbing is that the Dept of Homeland Security was called in. For an elderly hoarder.