Friday, June 20, 2014

SAR #14170

More dead American soldiers may make John McCain feel good, they will do nothing for the families of those those already sacrificed on the altar of George Bush's vanity.

Goes Around, Comes Around: Now that Obama says he can “bypass Congress” in responding to events in Iraq, Congressional Republicans who thought giving Georgie Boy dictatorial powers was a Good Idea now wish they had not abdicated their power – who knew the Bush-Cheney Reich wouldn't last a thousand years?

What's Not To Like? The Saudis have warned not only Iran, but the US and GB, not to meddle in Iraq – things are going just fine, their co-religionists are taking over. The Saudis have been backing ISIS and the other Sunni fanatics for years, and cutting down Iraq's ability to market petroleum doesn't cause a lot of tears around the palace either. 
Sleepy Giant: Caterpillar reports sales declines of 22% in Europe and the Middle East, 23% in Latin American and a 30% plunge in annual sales to Asia (for which read China).

Call Me In The Morning: More people die from taking commonly prescribed painkillers than do from heroin and cocaine ODs combined - 16,000 in the US in 2010. And there is little support for the blame usually heaped on internet sales or errors by doctors and patients. It is a complicated problem involving doctors, patients, the health care system, and the social environment. Enough to give you a throbbing headache.

Cliff Note: If you would like to understand the long running legal tussle between Argentina and various blood-sucking bond holders (and Wall Street Banks and some particularly vicious hedge funds), here's the play to date: Over various decades of bad advice from the IMF, the World Bank and Wall Street (if these can be considered separate entities), Argentina ran up far more debts they they could reasonably afford. After a revolution or two and several changes of government, the Argentinians got most of their creditors – those who had miked the country dry for a long, long time – to agree to a mild haircut. But those who didn't agree have dragged the country into court after court, finally running to the Roberts court, which made a typical Roberts court ruling, requiring Argentina to bankrupt itself so the court's constituents can pick the carcass clean.

Campaign Pledged: Prosecutors say that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was part of a “criminal scheme.” No, not his actual governing, which is a travesty but not actually criminal, but his fundraising activities. Follow the money.

First Lesson: Starbucks isn't actually paying its employees' tuition costs. They aren't actually paying anything. Not one thin dime. Management today admitted that all they had done was to get ASU to lower tuition on on-line courses for Starbucks employees, who are then supposed to apply for Pell Grants and other federal funds to cover the rest of the costs. If they make it to their Junior year, when ASU will require full tuition, Starbucks will lend them the money. At the going rate. Creative Accounting should be a required course.

For Your Consideration: God Bless John Wiley Price. Wily indeed. 
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Anonymous said...

>> Management today admitted that all they had done was to get ASU to lower tuition on on-line courses for Starbucks employees<<

This wasn't that difficult to discern from the original news release. The "tell" was that the offer was limited to ASU-online.

Why would that be, except...?