Monday, June 23, 2014

SAR #14173

The main function of Republicans in Congress is to keep Congress from functioning.

Fine Print: Wall Street and many of its friends have negotiated a secret trade agreement that gives them absolute control over what little of the world they don't already have, by making it illegal everywhere to pass any regulation that the bankers do not like. They are so proud of it that if the treaty is approved it must stay secret for five years and if it is not approved, it also has to stay secret for five years. Tell me again about how evil whistle-blowers are.

Standing Corrected: Rand Paul claims that Republicans have been ‘unfairly tarred’ as trying to suppress minority voters. Not quite right, they're trying to suppress Democratic voters; minority, majority, whatever.

Friends Like These: The United States' good friend Qatar, one of the main backers of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, has recruited and trained (and paid) 1,800 jihadists to be sent to join ISIL in the fight against one-time US puppet Maliki. The Saudi and Qatari governments pay each ISIL fighter in Northern Iraq $700 a month. Tax free.

Next Up: The religious right, having lost to science on evolution, global warming and new-earthism, and being in the process of losing to common sense and civility on gay rights, is now looking beyond gay marriage to the next issue they can be wrong about. 
Left Handed Compliment: Dick Cheney says he did not “intend any disrespect” when he suggested that President Obama was “guilty of treason.” Coming from him that's a compliment.

Mushrooms: Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association are suing Vermont to prevent its citizens from knowing what they're eating. You know, because profits...

Pinpoint Accuracy: Since 2001, the US military has accidentally crashed 418 drones into homes, farms, highways, and, even an Air Force C-130 Hercules transport in midair. Nearly half of the crashes involved damages in excess of $2 million or the complete loss of the drone. 
Evidence Locker: Everybody knows that the feds don't want Barney Fyfe to let on how they are helping local cops track your phone. What's new is some emails that show the Feds telling some locals in Florida to lie to judges about the monitoring. Need to not know, y'know.

Recurring Nightmare: Some of our Usual Suspects are once again touting Ahmed Chalabi to become our man in Baghdad. Chalabi, the chief panderer to Cheney & Co with 'proof' of Saddam's WMDs will be perfect for the job of hoodwinking America once again. The future is saved!

Six of One... The DC Federal District Court has ruled that Americans' Constitutional rights stop at the water's edge and that they do not apply when you are overseas. So? They don't apply much when you're at home, either.

Clarification: Rand Paul (Gynecologist – KY) vows to seek the presidency for the rest of his political career based on the firm belief that freedom and liberty does not extend to ladyparts nor to the ladies who have them. Because the GOP has never met a women's rights issue that they haven't sought to quash.

Just Like Wall Street: The VA refuses to take back bonuses from managers who were rewarded for lying. As if it were already privatized. 
One Step Forward, Two Back: While the House was voting to cut the NSA's funding for “backdoor spying programs”, the Director of National Intelligence was announcing that the NSA program that scoops up our phone call metadata in bulk had been renewed.

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