Monday, June 16, 2014

SAR #14166

Discarded cargo from our past keeps floating back around.

In Remembrance: Over 4,000 Americans and 500,000 Iraqis have died to satisfy George W. Bush's vanity, Dick Cheney's greed and Donald Rumsfield's megalomania. Plus the dreams of empire and honor of a number of AIPAC stooges. Tony Blair's masturbatory fantasies didn't help, either. History keeps teaching, humans keep forgetting, especially Americans.

Just For You! Facebook – with your passive agreement – is now tracking everywhere you go on the internet. Twitter and Google can do the same trick. It's all to improve your enjoyment of the ads they want to cram down your throat, as they tailor the ads to hit your particular vulnerabilities. Okay, 'Like' that – oh, wait, you don't have to like it, you just have to sit there.

Surveilling And Protecting: The federal government does not want the average citizen to find out how and how much the local cops are tracking them. No, it's not just the NSA that's gathering cellphone location and data from inside your house, it's also the state and local cops. And don't even ask about those Stingrays the cops use all across the nation to spoof not just your cell phone but all the cellphones in the neighborhood into ratting out their owners. Makes you wonder why you bother to lock the doors, doesn't it?

Making A Difference: If the corporations and the Republicans were to lay down their arms and accept the new EPA emissions regulations for the power industry, how much future temperature rise would be averted? Maybe 0.02°C. Maybe.

Spot Quiz: How much money did the US government piss away on the Baghdad embassy compound? Where are the 5,500 people who work there going to hide? 
Rear Guard Action: Wisconsin has put a temporary halt to same-sex marriages while they waste time and money appealing the lower court decision. They know they will lose, that's not the point. Harassing gays as much as possible as long as possible is part of the GOP's core belief system.

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