Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SAR #14174

International politics is a chess game where each piece puts its own survival first.

The Message Was The Message: The Polish Foreign Minister who complained that Poland didn't get anything for the blowjob it had given the US is now complaining that an organized crime group had leaked the secret recording of his comments. No, he did not mean to imply that the US is an organized crime group. 
Math Class: This fall, Missouri schools will be staffed with teachers who, at $17,500 a pop, have received firearms training at a gun range that promises that in an emergency the teachers will only gun down students 10% of the time. Or maybe they meant that the teachers would only gun down 10% of the students. 
Bugging Out: A California-based study has identified a link between the use of certain pesticides and autism in children born to women exposed to these pesticides while pregnant. Big Ag is preparing a campaign to urge pregnant women and those who might become pregnant to move somewhere far, far away.

Made in America: More than one in 10 vehicles on US roads has been recalled since January.  Drive safely.
Check: The Supreme's declined to get involved – at this time – in the legal fight over Wisconsin's latest attempt to strangle abortion in the state, noting that the temporary bar to the law's implementation will soon be vacated by a ruling on the original challenge to the law. They're pretty confident that the issue, once decided 'finally' will be appealed to the court by the losing side and putting off actually hearing an abortion case for as long as possible seemed like a Good Idea.

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