Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SAR #15160

Governments can neither grant nor guarantee freedom.

Clause and Effect: According to the NYTimes, several states, Kansas and Wisconsin prominently among them, are experiencing “wide budget gaps even after years of recovery.” The part about the wide budget gaps is correct, the bit about recovery... not so much. The wide budget gaps exist because years of austerity and tax cuts have worked as advertises –and intended.

Point Made: Vladimir Putin suggests that we draw up a world map showing all the countries where the US has military bases and those where Russia has occupying forces and note the difference.

Magic: The G7 has proclaimed that they will keep global warming below 2ºC by ending the use of fossil fuels by 2100 while ending poverty, disease and inequality world-wide. They were less optimistic about improving daytime TV programming.

Go 'way Kid, Y'er Bother'n Me: McDonalds, after 12 consecutive months of reporting lower sales, is taking immediate action... to stop issuing monthly sales reports.

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