Monday, June 22, 2015

SAR #15173

Everyone wants peace. On their terms.

Hell Yes: Is the battle flag of a white supremacist nation a racist symbol? Of course it is. It celebrates the very rationale of the Confederacy – that some people should be allowed to own other people. It is a heritage of hate, To pretend it is about state's rights is to pretend that the right involved was the right of whites to own blacks. It is a symbol of treason that was revived in the 1950s as an emblem of the white supremacists' refusal to accept their black neighbors as equals. It is precisely the psychology that led a young white man to walk into a church and shoot nine people. To pretend it is otherwise is to pretend that we are not still a violent, racist and hating nation. There are not two sides to this story, there is but one; it is about hate and fear.

Just Asking: Once the bankers have all the money, what use will they have for the rest of us?

Jeb! Jeb claims he can double America’s GDP growth rate to 4% percent, easily and nearly overnight. Of course he can't, we all know he's just making self-aggrandizing noises – after all, he's a politician and is required to echo the Republican belief that there is some secret economic magic available only to them. There isn't. It is just another attempt to sell the old “tax cuts for the rich create prosperity” trickle-down nostrum, an idea which is supported by no empirical evidence whatsoever. 
Fill In The Blanks: According to ________, the Kurds are more dangerous than ISIS to _____________. (a) Turkey. (b) Turkey.

The Root Of All Evil: The thing that most upsets the EU, IMF, EMU and Frau Merkel is that Greece has an elected government that refuses to do what it is told. The Greek crisis is the financial equivalent of the Iraq War – an invasion and destruction of the legitimate government followed by the ruination of the economy and social fabric of the country, all the while promising more beatings if morale doesn't improve. All as an object lesson to the citizens in Portugal, Spain, Italy who object to the end of their democratic sovereignty. To Brussels and Berlin, the money is not nearly as important as the precedent.

Works For Me: Texas pastor Rick Scarborough is willing to be burned to death to oppose gay marriage. 
Liars, cowards, freaks & fools.” America is no longer able to produce leaders. If it were, none of the current Republican crop would be in contention. Ditto for the other side. Leading the American people is no longer the function of the presidency – how could it be when nearly all of our national politicians are owned and operated by and for a small number of powerful private interest groups?

Porn O'Graph: Spin this. Or this.

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Beleck said...

just want to say i love your snark. the reality is so bad. anyway. i missed your blog when you went "fishing."