Thursday, June 18, 2015

SAR #15169

A vote for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil.

In Short: A Greek parliamentary committed has found Greece's public debt to be “illegal, illegitimate, odious and unsustainable … without seriously impairing its capacity to fulfill its basic human rights obligations.”

Recovery, Capsule Form: The recovery has been so successful that many of the poorest Americans - a far larger group than it used to be – cannot afford to rent, much less buy a place to live. Not a single county anywhere in the United States has sufficient affordable housing for its poor. God blessed us all, some more than others.

Visitors: The Dominican Republic is deporting all “Dominicans” born to undocumented foreign parents after 1929. Or to put it another way, all Dominicans of Haitian descent under the age of 85 are going to be rounded up, put on buses and shipped to Haiti.

On Education: Wonder what would happen if we took the hundreds of dollars a month they pour into smartphones, tablets, internet services and the rest of the mindless technology we are addicted to and spent it on books? Then turned off the TV and read them.

Squirrels: Wal-Mart, many of whose employees depend on taxpayer-funded government programs to survive, has $76 billion hidden in overseas tax havens. 
About That “New Economy”: Seems that self-employment ain't what you – and they – thought it was. A judge has ruled that Uber's “contractors” are actually employees. Same should go for a huge number of other similar employment scams. 
Gone In A Flash: In Eaton County, MI, the punishment for flashing your headlights at a cop is being shot seven times. And that's if you are unarmed.

Perspective: Someone has decided to scare us about drugs, pointing to some 44,000 drug overdose deaths a year as proof of something or other. For comparison, there are 88,000 alcohol-caused deaths every year in the US.


kwark said...

RE "Perspective": Gotta keep beating that drum - lots of money is flushed down the toilet fighting the "war" on drugs. Same reason we keep meddling around the world and then find that a military response is necessary - lots of money in war. Deaths count in the "war" on drugs but not any other sort of war.

Anonymous said...

Nuts: The Squirrls are all the mom & pop stock holders who think they are getting one over on the rest of us. They think that they are getting more advantage from allowing these corporation in which they have a few thousand invested to cheat on their taxes, than they stand to gain if these taxes had been paid up. This is the genius behind all those Roth & IRA schemes, make everyone (at least a good number of white, and some blacks & Hispanic middle class) a capitalist, without showing them the real game behind the curtains. They really joined the flunky class instead.