Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SAR #15154

These Boots Were Made For Walking: The Patriot Act was never going to go away, it's just had its name changed. It's now the USA Freedom Act. Even the names are repellent.

Kill Yourself After Reading: Australian members of parliament are being allowed to read – but take no notes, just like members of the US Congress – the text of the top-secret TPP, on the condition that its contents remain secret for four more years. Even if gets passed.
Greater Good: For decades, Great Britain's MI5 blackmailed pedophiles into cooperating with the security service “for the good of the nation” in return for being allowed to keep molesting children. 
Follow The Bouncing Ball: Qatar, which submitted the winning bribe, says that the FIFA corruption investigation and arrests are racist, anti-Arab, and the result of jealousy on the part of countries that did not offer big enough bribes to win the 2022 World Cup games. The FBI is reportedly investigating FIFA's Sepp Blatter, who has Sepped down as chairman.

Asked And Obvious: Why would a bank give a second mortgage to a homeowner who is having trouble paying his first one? Because you can't get rid of a secondmortgage through bankruptcy. 
Impossibilities: One of those ISDS tribunals that Obama says don't exist and couldn't interfere in a country's government even if they did; is hearing – in secret - a challenge by Philip Morris to both Great Britain and Australia's anti-smoking efforts. It'll be interesting to see if the same Star Chamber process is invoked by the three tobacco firms that were just fined $15 billion for killing Canadians. 
Glitch: All United Airlines Flights in the US were grounded for an hour or more Tuesday morning due to an unidentified glitch. It wasn't because their computer system was hacked, they say. They just had trouble getting the right flight info to the pilots... like where to fly and when.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

re The Patriot Act was never going to go away, it's just had its name changed. It's now the USA Freedom Act. Even the names are repellent.

when i moved into the washington dc metro area as an adult, about 20 years ago (i had lived here during parts of my childhood - but in those days i thought as a child, etc) i felt queasy when i encountered 'democracy boulevard' in bethesda - it reminded me of the naming customs of commie regimes

kwark said...

CKM - Why do you persist in commenting on such things as the TPP when it's obvious from Big Media reporting that the public would rather hear/see/read the salacious details of Caitlyn Jenner life or the Duggar's? Those stories will have sooo much more impact on my life, I'm sure, than some obscure trade deal that our protectors in high office and our nation's benevolent corporate leaders don't want us to hear about anyway. . . OK, simply in writing this I've already spent way too much time on Jenner! Keep up the good work CKM!

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

I blame my penchant for tilting at windmills from reading Quixote at a young age.