Saturday, June 13, 2015

SAR #15164

We live in a time of secret secrets.

A Bright And Shining Moment: The House of Representatives just said “No.” But it is only a temporary victory, for Obama and the Republicans will be back next week, trying again to shove the trade agreements we do not want down our throats. These things are not going away.
Payback: Not only has there been no pause in the global warming process, but the short-term factors that gave rise to that illusion – mainly the storage of vast amounts of heat in the deep oceans plus increased La Niñas, decreases in solar activity, and such – have masked an acceleration in the rate of warming.  By 2020 the global climate system will begin several decades of rapid warming. As the saying goes, we ain't seen nothing yet.

Friends & Neighbors: New video footage provides further evidence that Erodğan's Turkey is providing safe passage into Syria for ISIS terrorists. Why haven't we imposed sanctions on our NATO partner?

On Winceconsin: Scott Wannabe Walker, having gutted the University's budget, is now planning on stripping tenure from its professors. In Walker's world, the only people who should have a lifetime sinecure are Republicans from gerrymandered safe districts.

Same Old Song: In the UK, the Osborne government is trying to fast-track regulations that would bypass the public and open the entire country to fracking. The same group is trying – without much sucess - to privatize the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is 80% owned by the nation. Less than a month ago a few voters in a few districts managed to impose ever greater austerity on the country, with tax cuts, privatization, and an end to the welfare state.

Blue Light Special: The Pentagon says that the non-war against ISIS has cost $2.7 billion so far. No, don't bother to read the fine print; the Pentagon couldn't walk your dog for a pittance like that. 
This Old House: Over 4 million Americans owe at least 20% more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. Those trying to pay for the least valuable houses were most likely (25%) to be underwater, while only 8% of those in the most valuable homes were upside down. That's okay, when they lose their houses they can rent them back from the new owners.

Datum: The Fed claims that the average household has experienced “modest improvement” in net worth during the recovery - but only if 35% of households aren't counted. You know, the poor, who “have no path to consume more.” Which is a failing and most likely their fault.

Distinction/Difference: The courts have ruled that former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn is not a pimp, just a banker. No further explication was given. Or needed.

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Anonymous said...

Don't come any closer, get bank, get bank I say..
Knowing Strauss-Kahn (pronouced Trust Con) and Sick Willie's predilections, they may soon be partners in more than one kind of crime.

I think it was Doug who got Sick Willie passage on that floating parlour of big hair, pedo=pedaling, the former unsinkable M/V "Jeffrey Epstein". Isn't it interesting how well the Justice Dept has kept that sewer from backing up. My guess is the UK sent in a couple of 00 plumbers.