Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SAR #15161

Neoliberal” is neither new nor liberal. Never was.

Reruns: Obama has apparently completed (temporarily) his strategy for reversing the reverses in Iraq, which involves establishing yet another a new outpost where “hundreds” of additional US troops trainers will show Iraqis how to defeat ISIS and retake Ramadi. Never mine that the current US training facility in Iraq hasn't hand anyone to train for several weeks. 
Ghostbusters: Before he could even get around to signing the USA Freedom Act, Obama's lawyers were in a secret court telling the secret judge that they secretly had no intention of stopping the (formerly secret) bulk collection of any damned thing they liked. And they told this secret court that if the court ruled against them, they'd ignore the ruling anyway. 
Separation From Powers: In Kansas, the legislature, with the governor's blessing, has told the state's courts that if they do not rule the way the legislature wants, the judicial budget will be slashed. 
Shadow Boxing: Under the pretense of making sure that college students get an education “free from rip-off scams”perpetrated by most for-profit outfits and a goodly number of other institutions, Education Secretary Arne Duncan plans to forgive them billions of dollars in student loan debts. The colleges that profited from these scams will get to keep the money. Rather like banks. 
Socialism: According to the IMF, the true cost of fossil fuels is a lot more than the current $2.47 a gallon. The world's taxpayers and consumers annually subsidize the coal, oil and gas industries with at least $5.3 trillion. And we don't make them clean up after themselves, either.

Another Damned Thing: Next time you're stuck in traffic, ponder this: One in four US doctors is over 65.

Close Reading: A court has ruled that officials and insurance companies can no longer hide behind the “act-of-god” clause if extreme weather strikes, because today's increasingly frequent and increasingly severe storms are the result of climate change, which God had nothing to do with; it's human caused.

House That? Investment firm Cerberus is going to buy 4,200 houses in one grab, making them one of the ten largest owners of rental houses in the US. They'll make good landlords.

Assessment: When an intelligence agency is scouting around for someone to recruit, they look through people's history for access, personal relationships, finances, sexual orientation, and other personal items that could be used to make an approach. You know, the sort of stuff the Chinese just picked up on 4.5 million US citizens who work for the government...

Confirmation: Those who watch Fox on a regular basis are worse at answering simple questions about the world than people who watch no news at all.

It's Not Really Your Money: Why can't you spend your money any way and any time you want? Did the Feds really suspect Denis Hastert was laundering drug money? What he did to get the money may have been criminal, but like the possible sexual misconduct, that's not what he's charged with. Okay, so you're not supposed to lie to the FBI - it's their job to lie to you.

Common Chord: In Kansas, creationists are suing the schools to make them stop creating atheists by teaching science. In Florida the schools are assuring children that they are God's “own possession”.


Anonymous said...

Shadow Boxing: That certainly explains Jeb Bush and Hillary on the same stage, and the leap in funding for the Obama Library.

Anonymous said...

65 or older: Seems the Malthusian bell curve is shifting. Germany just graduated a 102 year old pediatrician.

Anonymous said...

Re: The "neos". But the "Progressives" who keep insisting on using the neo prefix for liberals and conservatives sure do a good job of confusing the peasants when trying to discuss who is at fault.

McMike said...

I feel only schadenfreude for Hastert. A one-size-fits-all, if-it-fights-terror-it's-okay, if-you-have-nothing-to-hide you-have-nothing-to-fear self-incriminating self-fulfilling government trap is PERFECT for him.

re Cerberus. Yikes, I sorta thought that play left the station a few years ago.

re Shadow Boxing. I really wish they'd just turn the money over to the cronies gift-wrapped on pallets and stop with the silly pretenses.

re Obama. But will we be greeted as liberators again?