Saturday, June 20, 2015

SAR #15171

There should be a noticeable difference between gun control and aiming. 
Keeping Score: The US government estimates that the TPP will result in zero economic growth and is likely to cause the economy to lose 90,000 jobs. The Fast Track authority removes the Congress from its constitutional role of “advise and consent”, as the business elites remove themselves from the constraints of elected politics.

Asked & Self Evident: What do you call someone who walks into a public space and randomly kills as many people as possible? An American. 
Ever After: Greece will still be there, and so will the euro's problems. Too bad the Trioka forgot that when you owe the bank $100 you've got a problem, when you owe it several billion, Germany's got a problem. That's why the ECB has papered it over, one more time.

Back In the Day: If you are over 50, you remember when the military air crews claimed “only you can prevent forests,” using the totally safe Agent Orange. The same Agent Orange that was not, the government kept saying for decades, responsible for all sorts of human and environmental problems. The very same Agent Orange that the US is now going to pay millions of dollars the damage it did – and continues to do. 
Asked &Answered: Someone asked why analysts seldom drop or amend their long term estimates for commodity price increases? One, it's good for business. Two, they secretly understand that all commodities exist in a closed environment and will eventually become scarce. Three, it's good for business.

Going Nowhere: What little increase there was in the average worker's pay in May was eaten by inflation. Yet inflation is well below target, which doesn't say much for wage levels. 
Follow The Money: Saudi Arabia, which exists solely to produce carbon dioxide emissions, continues to block efforts to strengthen international efforts to slow global warming. They're as dependent on our mutual destruction as are the Koch brothers and BP.

Nothing Up My Sleeve: Some clever but crooked bankers (I know, redundant) fleeced Moldavia of over $1 billion in just three days. Over 12% of the nation's GDP dissipated without a trace. More or less legally, thanks to convenient laws. 
Understatement: Greeks took €3.2bn was withdrawn from Greek banks in the last 3 days, “raising fears of a run on the banks.” Whoa, partner. There are about 2.5 million families in Greece and most of them didn't have €1,000 in the bank, so I'd guess a run on the banks was pretty well underway.

Dying of Debt: Capitalism kills, faster in some places than others.
Excuses, Excuses: Rick Perry claims that the shooting in Charleston was “an accident” caused by drugs. The NRA says it was caused by the pastor voting against permitting guns in churches. Others think it was caused by Planned Parenthood
Up The Down Staircase: A university in Utah has solved the look-where-you're going' problem of texters plowing straight ahead and into you. At least on the staircases, where they've created a texting only lane for the slowpokes. Maybe we should paint lines on city sidewalks, like bike lanes.

Porn O'Graph: Number One with a bullet!


Anonymous said...

Up The Down Staircase: an open bear trap every block or so in the texting lane would do wonders for over-population, income inequality, while providing polar bears with a new ecological niche.

kwark said...

Re "Excuses": No, no, no, obviously the slain were really werewolves and the shooter thought he was a vampire. No need to come up with silly excuses like Rick Perry's. Or to consider that there's something desperately wrong with a culture that produces so many killers.