Tuesday, October 6, 2015

SAR #15279

Instead of lords, we bow to bankers.
The Other Guy Made Me Do It! Gen. Campbell, US commander in Afghanistan says that the MSF hospital was repeatedly attacked as a favor for our loyal Afghan allies... “and several civilians were accidentally struck." He also stated that the US Special Forces troops on the ground with Afghan troops in Kunduz who called in the airs trikes are not directly fighting the Taliban but “retain the inherent right of self-defense" against doctors, nurses and their patients.
Open Wide: Prepare for having the TTP being crammed down our throats, for prices to rise and wages fall, our laws get revised by corporations, and drugs become even more unfordable both here and overseas.
Clarity Begins At Home: In the wake of the latest massacre, health-care professionals, knowing that violence is contagious, are asking Congress to reform the country's mental health system, starting with Republicans on Capitol Hill.
Blacks' Eyes Matter: A sexually insecure judge in Ohio ruled that suspending a 12-year old black boy for staring at a white girl wash perfectly acceptable.
Details, Please: Exactly how will destroying a country's economy and infrastructure (pick one: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine... all the way back to VietNam) make it a better, more peaceful place?
The Way We Are: A conservative UK think tank recommends that the Tories waste no time cutting social benefits to the poor and needy because a lot of them “won't be around to vote against you in the next election.” Plus a lot of those who survive won't remember who did it to them.
Banned: For those who wonder what we might do in the wake of yet another mass shooting spree, remember that after three, exactly three, deaths from playing with metal lawn darts the Consumer Product Safety Commission outlawed the sale of these dangerous toys. Why is the only consumer product specifically designed to kill us not regulated in any meaningful way?
Clear Sailing: On Friday, October 5th, the interest rate on the outstanding three-month US Treasury bills was 0.00% Treasury – the same as just putting the dollar under the mattress.
Let's Play War! Obama has ordered the Pentagon to deliver weapons and ammunition directly to “opposition forces”on the ground in Syria. These are the same folks Russia is bombing and will soon be sending military veteran “volunteers” to attack on the ground. Iraq's PM says he would welcome Russian airstrikes on ISIS forces inside Iraq.
As Is: Now that Somalia has ratified the UN's 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United States is the only country in the world that has not signed it – because conservatives are afraid that, in addition to preventing us from executing children or sentencing them to life in prison, it would not only keep parents from beating their children, but would also prevent homeschoolers from filling their children's heads with drivel.
Revisionism: Pope Francis says that the Church cannot be “a museum”but must be open to change because God changes the rules from time to time.
Safety First: President Obama is considering keeping at least 5,000 US troops in Afghanistan beyond the end of 2016 to protect US Special Forces advisors against doctors...
Trick Or Treat: House Republicans will gather on October 29th to pick John Boehner's replacement as Speaker of the House. Costumes optional.
Porn O'Graph: The Shield.


Anonymous said...

Charity? An An 11-year-old boy is going to be considered an adult, so that his parent(s)/guardian isn't criminally responsible. That's being very charitable. They don't want to get the general population thinking the parents had any responsibility here, but they will lock up parents who's kids skip school, because that costs the state federal money. I guess that's okay if they start to allow 11 year olds to vote, that after all is the average mental age of the Tea Party members.

Child protection convention. Don't know why the USA is so reluctant to sign it, if Saudi Arabia did it, yet is going to(perhaps already has) crucify the teenage son of an exiled Saudi human rights activist. All's quiet on the Western Media.

Bombings: Go well back well before Vietnam if we consider naval bombardments of Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua. Keep'm poor and compliant is an old strategy of the Brown Brothers and even earlier sponsors of (faux-)filibuster.

McMike said...

re: asset forfeiture.

Should read: "we can take it; you can suck it."

kwark said...

Re "Details Please": Our foreign policy is about protecting corporate interests. Those interests generally being about extracting some resource at the lowest cost or, these days, selling weapons and munitions to both sides of any conflict. So making a place better or peaceful is not our intent, quite the opposite in fact. Peace is bad for business.

RE "AS Is": We can't let Treaties and the damn UN tell us how to live our lives! But we can let big corporations via the TTP!