Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SAR #15294

Don't you have a “disposition matrix?”
Let's You and Him Fight: The Saudi foreign minister has warned Iran to “stop meddling in the affairs of the kingdom's neighbors... in the region, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.” Especially in Syria, where the Saudis support the Sunni factions fighting Assad and the Shia, which are backed by Iran.
A Pound Of Flesh: In Alabama Judge Shylock Wiggins will trade you a fine for a pint of blood. The full schedule isn't posted, but rumor has it that a kidney will get you out most felonies. Otherwise, the Judge is sure, “The sheriff has enough handcuffs.”
Down To The Sea... The US is selling warships valued at $11.25 billion to Saudi Arabia. In that the Saudis are not overly famous for their naval prowess, it is a good question who is bribing whom.
Noted: Ever notice that those who worry about the deficit want to do things that increase the deficit? Like tax cuts, “ tax cuts do not pay for themselves and lead to much larger deficits.” And foreign wars, boyo do those things cost.
Move Along, Nothing To Prosecute.... Barclays and Wachovia, chipping in $378 million, have joined RBS, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse and UBS in bringing the banks' combined payments to the National Credit Union Administration for a wide variety of crimes and misdemeanors they committed while fleecing us all with various mortgage backed securiteis. No one, of course, did anything wrong... it's all just “good will”.
The Way We Were: Rep. Mo Brooks (Ready-AL) says he is ready to start impeachment proceedings against President Hillary the day she is sworn in. Nothing like being prepared.
Finer Points: In September, US housing starts crept up a tad to 1.2 million units. Yea! Homebuilder sentiment is reportedly at decade-level highs. More Yea! Building permits, which builders apply for before they can act on these positive vibes, followed the current trend and weakened further. Big Boo!!
In Absentia: Since Shell shelled out $7 billion without hitting it richer, the Interior Department decided to spare others the embarrassment and has canceled future auctions of leases in the Arctic and will not extend the current leases there. No point in wasting money.
Swan Song: Chris Christie, who has had his hopes of moving to the White House crushed, is taking his displeasure out on the chronically ill and disabled, by crushing their housing program funding.
Houdini, Inc: Over the last decade, Chicago cops have “disappeared” more than 7,000 people into an off-the-books interrogation facility, 6,000 of them black males, where they were held incommunicado and denied access to a phone or lawyers.
Motivation: Montana Republicans have blocked the state from accepting $40 million in federal pre-school funding because it would cut into the profits of private pre-schools.


McMike said...

Re: "Ever notice that those who worry about the deficit want to do things that increase the deficit?"

Suggested edit: "Ever notice that those who CLAIM to worry about the deficit..."

Re: less pre-school funding. Next up: eliminating judicial diversion programs, mental health programs, juvenile intervention programs, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and community service sentences, because they cut into the profits of private prison operators.

kwark said...

RE "Finer Points": I love the language used when discussing the inane. For example, Calculated Risk says ". . . housing is now recovering (but still historically low)." Oh, so it's "recovering"? Is that what you call the continuing fallout from one of the largest bubbles implosions/disasters in history fueled by ZIRP and the resurrection of liar loans? This too will turn out well I'm sure.

kwark said...

Re "Down to the Sea": You have to love the total bullsh!t that passes for "news" these days. . . were told "...It will allow the US military to operate more easily together with those of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries." And, in even more wonderful news "This sale demonstrates the enduring US commitment to building robust diplomatic and security partnerships essential to promoting peace and stability in the Gulf region. . ." As ever, there's never any questioning of the truth, much less "logic" behind either bit of these "news" items. I'd like to see the evidence that selling weapons systems promotes peace, or diplomacy, anywhere. Of course it's not really about diplomacy and certainly NOT about peace, it's about the big bucks our wonderful corporate citizens will reap in the process of facilitating killing people.

Anonymous said...

In Absentia: Sometimes good comes from evil, but how much good? Shell is the largest investor in Russian arctic leases, perhaps that 7-8 billion Shell spent was to keep these fields off the market, since Shell didn't have a near total lock on all the available Alaska leases. Either way, Shell sooner or later is going to paint the Arctic black, speed the melt. This is probably Putin's real crime against humanity, and isn't it a very American one?