Friday, October 23, 2015

SAR #15296

Our prosperity was borrowed.
The Perils of Paul Ryan: Paul Ryan, taking a victory lap around the Capital, says the far right has capitulated to his demands and are now united behind him, so he will reluctantly agree to become the next Speaker of the House. A few details remain, like the actual election, but it seems to be a done deal. Too bad we don't know quite what deals were done.
Pay To Play: Some Senate Democrats, having sat through seven previous Benghazi investigations that came up with nothing of interest, say that the current House Republican political witch hunt serves no legitimate purpose and that the GOP should reimburse the taxpayers the entire $5.4 million cost of the charade.
Smoking Gunned: Investigators from the TX AG's office raided a series of Planned Parenthood facilities apparently looking for the “baby body parts” being gruesomely harvested as shown in the doctored videos that made the rounds recently. Texas has deprived the women's health provider of all Medicaid funding and is looking for some evidence that might keep a judge from telling them to back off – as has happened to GOP led defunding in Arkansas and Louisiana.
University Education: The University of Kentucky claims it has exclusive rights to the word “Kentucky” and no one else can use it on a product or t-shirt. They also tried to copyright “education” but they couldn't prove they had any.
Easy Did It: San Diego's Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is going to be marketing its own version of pryimethamine for $1 a pill,, the generic drug that little smartass was selling for $75o a pill. They'll probably lose money at this, but certainly win in lots of other ways.
If Only: So far Iceland has sent 26 of its top bankers to prison for their role in ruining their banks and the Icelandic economy. So far the US Department of Just Us has not brought criminal charges against anyone making more than $14.67 an hour.
Go, Who Halts There: In Manchester, NH you need a good reason, a really good reason to sit in your car on a public street in the middle of the afternoon. Because if you don't you can be pepper sprayed, tasered, handcuffed and arrested if the cops figure you are “not in the area for legitimate purposes.” This one will cost the citizens a goodly amount.
Cops R Robbers: Cops in West Tennessee say that if the state makes them stop stealing money and property from people driving down the interstate through 'criminal forfiture', they will be forced to find other ways to pad their meager salaries.
Eye On The Prize: The gays have finally achieved their goal – the IRS says it will recognize same-sex marriages anywhere in the US for purposes of taxation and the associated tax benefits.


Anonymous said...

On Ice:Iceland also put their ex-PM, Geir Haarde, on trial, and so far have one conviction for dereliction. Can't imaging Bill (and Hill), George, or Barry even facing grand jury, much less any DA pressing charges in our rotten system, with a lazy, rotten electorate.

Eyes are still crossed: It's a start, but barely that. SS#, Medicare, and a host of other benefits are tied to the idea that either federal or state government decides what's a family for various economic purposes. In many states, non-Republican Standard household members are bared from visiting critical care wards, can't make probate, etc.

McMike said...

re: Eyes. Congrats to gays for joining heteroes in reaping the benefits of the IRS marriage penalty.

As progressive-minded as I try to be, I am a wee bit concerned with the imminent additional ten-page form from the IRS to designate your filing election with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity. Can we just stick with the old Craigslist captions: MSW, WSM, MSM, WSW, and "other"? [joking]

kwark said...

Re "University Education": Well, to be fair, we should defend this abuse of copyright law because how else will the UK be able to generate enough cash to pay their head coaches and attract top recruits?