Thursday, October 22, 2015

SAR #15295

Question reality.
Extra! Extra! Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu – concerned that he was losing ground to the Republican crazies – assured the World Zionist Congress that it was the Palestinians, not the Nazis, who were responsible for the Holocaust. This isn't the first time Bibi has tried to mislead a congress. This simply isn't true. Israel would do well to keep comparisons to the Nazi's to themselves.
Hell No, He Won't Go: Biden will not seek presidency, resigns as VP to begin new career as a strip tease artist.
Compromised: The Republican study Committee has issued its “Terms of Credit Act” under which it would increase the nation's debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion if and only if Congress passes legislation cutting $3.8 trillion in “mandatory funding” over the next ten years. [That means cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps by about $400 billion a year.] These House Republicans would also reach into the Senate and mandate a change in the Senate's own rules, eliminating the filibuster on spending bills. The legislation would also freeze all government regulations until July 1, 2017, preventing the Obama administration from issuing any new regulations – essentially stopping it from governing. This, alone, should doom their proposal.
Demockery: A great majority of the American public wants an end to the country's longest war. Congress knows this and just doesn't care.
Coincidence: In the last decade or so, Democratic states have tended to pass laws making it easier for their citizens to register and vote, while Republican-controlled states have made it sometimes almost impossible to register and vote.
Leadership Qualifications: Paul Ryan, the GOP's answer to pockets on shirts and sliced bread, wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and shut down all of the federal government except for defense spending. Ryan also demands that the right wing loonies leave him alone and go along with his leadership decisions. Ryan refuses to agree to anything as a pre-condition for the Freedom Caucus' endorsement and insists they go along with rules changes that would limit their power in the future. The game's afoot.
Duh? CIA director John Brennan has used his personal AOL email account for what surely looks like government business. Secret government business.
Gonna Be Some Changes Made: Canada's new leadership brings into question the future of the Keystone pipeline, Canada's acceptance of the TPP, any ongoing involvement in US wars of aggression and the purchase of the questionable F-35. Worst of all, they intend to legalize marijuana.
Trust Us: When SunTrust bank lays off an IT worker, part of the agreement they must sign to get their severance pay requires that they be on call, free, for the next two years. Would you want to rely on a bank whose computer systems are maintained by unpaid serfs?
Asked & Obvious: While Congress pretends it wants to reduce the number of incarcerated American, why are Senate Republicans trying to expand the prison population? Ever hear of for-profit prisons?
Welcome Wal-Mart Shoppers: Amazon is planning to hire 100,000 seasonal workers for the holidays, 25% more than last year.

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kwark said...

RE "Compromised": The holy warriors now running the religion that once was called the Republican party don't view these sorts of things as demands, they're simply interpreting God's will for us unenlightened. The only good government would be FEMA reeducation camps and ethnic cleansing pogroms . . . only wet dreams for now.