Monday, October 12, 2015

SAR #15285

Don't worry, it's all part of the plan.
Prize Students? The US is aiding and enabling Saudi Arabia's genocidal war against Yemen while the Saudis send weaponry to the Syrian rebel groups the US has officially abandoned.
Noted: Accepting the evidence on climate change “doesn’t make you liberal, it makes you scientifically literate.”
Good Question: Why did we ever think a political party that hates government would be able to govern?
Ah, I Think I See The Problem: GOP wannabe John Kasich says he would happily have people mad at him as long as he can accomplish his goals because, he says, “I’m not there to run a popularity contest.” Actually, sir, you are. And if you don't win it, you will accomplish diddley poo.
Test: Is the world heading for its third global financial crisis? a) Yes. b) Hell, yes.
Denial: Obama is trying to convince us (or himself?) that Putin's air war in Syria is due to American success in their war against Assad.
Look This Way: The FBI wants to develop systems that will let their agents collect identifying pictures and fingerprints of people “in the field” - without necessarily asking their subjects to pose. Don't be shy, you want to be in their massive biometrics database, don't you?
Privatization: The former head of Chicago's schools – pleading guilty to $23 million in bribes - didn't understand that privatizing the schools was supposed to benefit the students, too.
Clarification: Valeant Pharmaceuticals' smug CEO, whose company has raised the prices of its drugs by up to 800% this year, points out that the company is not a charity but is in the business of maximizing shareholder profits. If that means selling fewer drugs for a higher mark-up, then that's what they will do – the health of the sick is not their concern.
A Quote: “Signing up to the TPP is like buying a used car over the phone... with [only the] glowing assurances from the dealer that ‘she’s a beauty'”


kwark said...

Re "Clarification": And that pretty much sums-up the basic problem with the so-called "health care industry" in the U.S. of A. Basing health care decisions primarily on profit margins is sociopathic in the extreme. Having arrived at that outcome should come as no surprise though since most of the "leaders" in government and industry are sociopaths. Doesn't say much for the electorate does it?

George Anderson said...

Let us never forget who unleashed this monster upon us, it was none other than the Sainted Ronald Reagan.

This is what HMO's morphed into, far cry from $2 co-pays and $20 a month.

I'd opine it's not so much socio-paths as 'opportunists', the law is in their pocket and the public is powerless, don't have to be a psycho to take advantage of those circumstances.

Which only highlights the fact that we don't have 'legal problems', we have serious Justice issues.