Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SAR #15300

We must conserve consumption.
Honorable Men: Jon Boehner and Barak Obama had a secret. For months they, along with Pelosi and McConnell, have been working to avoid a US default in November and a government shutdown in December. It may even have been the impetus for Boehner's retirement – a parting gift to both the Republican party and America, although a lot of Republicans will not see it that way. It is not a done deal yet, it still needs at least some Republican support in the House, but it is as good as it is going to get for both sides. The budget and the debt are removed from political play until after the next election, both sides get a little and give a little. It's called politics, and that's what the far right of the GOP simply doe not understand. The biggest single beneficiary is, of course, Paul Ryan – who will not have those two traps facing him on day one. Details are thin, a lot of feathers have been ruffled, life goes on.
Earth Reportedly Round: The New York AG is mounting an investigation to determine if Internet providers are cheating their customers. Nest up: Bears in the woods.
Merit Badge: Coal-fired power plants be damned, greedy idiots burning off forests in Indonesia are second only to China in greenhouse gas emissions, out-pacing the worst efforts of heedless Americans. Just to grow palm oil for those very same heedless Americans to fatten themselves on.
Infallible, Inc: The voice of God's Earthly Representative has been handed a defeat by bigoted bishops who have no intention of loving their gay brothers. Well, not openly.
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: The Republican crazies, having pointlessly beaten Benghazi to death, have now set their investigative sights on Planned Parenthood. The lineup is to be led by Marsha Blackburn, Joe Pitts and Diane Black who will examine the fictitious sale of baby parts as documented by the doctored and long since debunked videotapes. With luck it will take less than four years and eight separate pointless hearings.
Shocker: Autism is over-diagnosed. Way, way over-diagnosed.
Self Immunization: Wisconsin's beloved right wing dictator has signed a law designed to prevent prosecutors from investigating him and his staff for any more political crimes.
Voice In The Wilderness: Seven and a half years late, as usual, Obama discovers that our schools have an unhealthy addiction to testing instead of teacher. Would have been nice for him to discover leadership somewhat earlier in his presidency.
Show Me The Money: Over 85% of the money from right wing PACs that flows into the Tea Party Leadership Fund flows right back out to consultants, not to issues and most certainly not to candidates. It is hard to tell which is the bigger con, the Tea Partiers are trying to pull on us, or the one the funding fraudsters are pulling on the politicians.
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Anonymous said...

Palm it off on some other sucker: Most of the new palm oil business is for bio-fuel, which is driven by quotas & carbon credit trading (using faulty, optimistic numbers for the later). Allgemeine, or Deutschland, uber alles, has more responsibility for the increase in palm oil plantations (and possibly causing even greater deforestation in Africa) than fat fried Dummies uber alles.

Just as Navy bio-fuels has made Diane Feinstein's husband more money than selling off closed US Post Offices, many attempts to by governments to use capitalist tools to reduce environmental or social impacts are perverted to make the whole action worse for the profit of a few.

If a tree falls in the wilderness, does it have a voice: Obama is a logger, if another, formerly overlooked tree gets his attention at any time, it's because there's a new market. Jeb Bush & Hill are working together to swipe away the testing business from Bush Jr's patrons, and Barry apparently has gotten a slice for getting the ball rolling early.

McMike said...

re honorable men. There is of course the possibility that the whole thing is a lie. But at face value, it is yet one more example where the right drives us to the edge of a cliff, and then the Dems, at the exact moment when they could shove a sword into the GOP as a coup de grace, backs off and lets them have a seat back at the table again, allegedly this failure to take advantage of the opening and strike a killing blow is in the name of stability or somesuch. But it is a pattern repeated at least since Iran-Contra. Yes, compromise is a necessary part of Democracy, but just how many times do we enable GOP crime and recklessness before we just let them swing in the wind for good?

Re internet. Indeed, just another racket of pathological corporations committing fraud and lying with impunity. Shocking no one except the government and the media.

Re Planned Parenthood. The GOP should just set up the Congressional Brietbart Office and a permanent Drudge Committee and be done with it.

Re Obama. Hmm, seven and a half years into his Presidency, a Democratic president suddenly notices his voter constituency.... Golly, is there something significant about that number?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Not paying our bills would have been an interesting experiment, true, but not one I was over-eager to experience. Sure the Far Right have too much power - Too bad the Dems were such pussies when they controlled both Houses and the White House. Anyway, an interesting connundrum - how much of our communal nation do we let them burn down vs. how much of our communal house should we let them burn down?

McMike said...

I suppose it is two different questions. WRT the budget, I would have let them take it all the way to the edge and force them to blink. They would have. One way or another, even if it took a lot of horse's heads in beds and small plane crashes, they would have got around to blinking. But I would have certainly said to the GOP; this is your rabid dog; you shoot it. The Dems have just allowed the GOP to live to fight another day, at relatively low political cost, and so that means more of the same. They'll be right back at the Dem's throats calling them traitors, budget busters, baby killers & cetera by Wednesday.

In fact, I might have even let them take us over the brink. Default. See what happens. What are people going to do, put us in collection with high fees and force austerity on us? lol.

As to Iran Contra, that was a matter of having a clear case of treason and a bazillion other hanging crimes laid out and waiting for someone to turn the GOP into political scorched earth for a generation and the entire leadership into convicts. The Dems demurred. Out of professional courtesy I guess. Or fear of small airplanes. They have had other chances, Plamegate for instance.

Do Dems lack killer instinct, are they truly concerned about the fallout, or are they in on the con?

McMike said...

Sheesh, forgot the biggest other example: Bush/Cheney war crimes.

Investigations and convictions were taken "off the table", swept aside like banking crimes, at a time when the Dems had a Congressional monopoly.