Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SAR #15286

Of course the Republicans will shut down the government again; that's what they were elected to do.
Prepositions: While Russia drops bombs on Syrian rebels, the US air-drops ammunition to them, on the assumption they will shoot at Russians.
Because Rules.... The reality of global capitalism is that everyone violates the rules, what few there are. And mostly not for profits, but as much for power as profits.
Nearsighted: Senate Republicans, those of the farther right persuasion, are pressuring Majority Leader Mict McConnell to “modify” the Senate's filibuster rules, permitting them to pass more legislation that Obama would be forced to veto. Quite who wins under such a scenario remains to be seen. Those who advocate such a change truly believe the Republicans will never, ever, be in the minority again, and are convinced they'll own the White House, too.
Odds: The top 0.1% of Americans holds as much wealth as the bottom 270 million of us all together. And we let them.
Object Lesson: After bombings in Ankara killed 90 and wounded over 200, Erdogan's police used tear gas to break up mourners who wanted to lay flowers in remembrance of their friends. Some of them (and some of us) suspect that Erdogan's hand will be found at the scene, not those of the PKK or ISIS.
Observation:US Interventionist Policies in Iraq Unleashed Chaos, Brutality and Death Still Unfolding Today.” Yes, and your point would be?
Sufficiency: That Ms. Clinton opposes correcting Bill's destruction of Glass-Stegall is grounds for voting for Bernie.
RSVP: Saudi Arabia has bested the old US/Afghan record by bombing two weddings in a ten-day period, raking up nearly 90 dead civilians.
The Root Of The Problem: A 12 year old boy playing with a toy gun on a playground was killed by police within 2 seconds of their arrival on the scene. The killing was “legally justified”, which is the real crime. All a cop has to do is claim he was in fear for his life and he can gun down kids, shoot fleeing suspects in the back, or taser them to death in a jail cell. Legally justified. Maybe we'd be better off working to get the guns out of the cops' hands instead of the criminals.
Tweedle Dumber: Paul Ryan, the suspicion is, is not nearly crazy enough to accept the House Speakership. Just imagine who is.
Turkish Delight, Not: The US has begun removing Patriot missiles from Turkey... because Turkey is no longer vulnerable? Ha!
Porn O'Graph: … and throw away the key.


McMike said...

Thanks for the introduction to Zizek.

Interesting take on Obamacare though. He credits ACA as being an ideological act, and a major one at that.

I agree that the GOP has portrayed it as an ideological act. But this is done ironically despite the fact that ACA is in actuality anti-ideological.

Half the country (the right) rejects it is socialist, despite at its true essence it is a fascist collaboration of government and corporate power, creating captive markets for insurers while specifying precious few strings attached or accountability or competition. The government made noncompliance and individual choice illegal, but did so without providing any public safeguards. So, the public gets none of the ownership participation or public-facing control of socialism, but the public still does get the mandated participation and elimination of alternatives. That is the simulacra of socialism, and the only "ideology" it serves are of oligarchy and kleptocracy. It is like the old joke about not even getting the kiss before they get f***ed.

The left, meanwhile, are stuck with a sort of Orwellian cognitive dissonance, where they are told to their eyes and ears that this is a major liberal accomplishment and Democratic victory for progress, but their guts are telling them something else entirely.

So, ACA is not an ideological issue, ACA is this gargantuan lie, where everything is upside down, and everyone stakes their positions for the wrong reasons.

George Anderson said...

Well said, McMike! I'm chiming in on 'Odds' by pointing out (belaboring the obvious) that this is 'Same as it ever was' and punctuating that insult with 'What are you gonna do about it?'

Which brings us to the 'Root of the Problem' (again, belaboring the obvious) of how policing is a 'downward looking' job. Why don't these guys go after the real criminals? Because it's not their job!

Does anyone else marvel at how those, er, 'appointed' to uphold the laws often place themselves above it?

Take Citizens United (nevermind the collapse of commercial banking in 2007) and ask 'who is responsible' and the answer is everyone wearing black robes.

Did any of those clowns get arrested? How about the idiots that greenlighted Enron? Anyone...the list is considerablr and once upon a time they were all 'capital crimes', punishable by execution.

When was the last time anybody (worldwide) punished a member of the 'judiciary'?

Anonymous said...

The bill needed to cover everyone and establish the single payer right to negotiate payment. As stated above, the way it was passed is a corporate handout. Very sad that the momentum was built and expended, thereby precluding it from happening the way it should for a long time to come.