Monday, October 10, 2016

SAR #16284

Voting for the lesser evil would be easier if we could figure out which one that is.
Pot/Kettle: John Kerry, waving a sheaf of delivery bills from US arms shipments to Saudi Arabia for use on Yemeni weddings and funerals , along with the collected targeting worksheets of the Obama Administration as well as the US plans for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, said the Russia and Syria must face war crimes tribunals.
Mix & Match: Assign the following to either Trump or Clinton (no doubling up): Angry, bigot, bully, corrupt, evil, liar, misogynist, shady, untrustworthy.
Sticking Point: Twelve Senators are calling for 'renegotiation' of any trade deal [think TPP, TTIP, TiSA] that includes “a special court for corporations to challenge legitimate, democratically developed public policies.” Works for me, as a first step.
Perfection: Donald Trump perfectly embodies our culture’s celebration of greed, narcissism and sociopathic self aggrandizement.
More! Not satisfied with two or three unfinished wars and two or three undeclared wars, the Pentagon is hoping to launch a “limited military action against Assad”. If it leads to a bigger war against Russia, that'd be a bonus.
As I was Saying: The inflation-adjusted earnings of poorer households have stagnated for 40 years. That's a political choice, not a law of nature.
Grownups Only: The UN has called on Saudi Arabia to stop torturing and executing minors. Torturing and executing adults is still okay, as is flogging and lopping off hands and such.
Days Late: The international deal to lower airlines carbon emissions at 2020 levels come 2027 tells you everything you need to know about why your children and grandchildren have very bleak futures.
Last Exit: Donald Trump will likely lose in November and fade gently away. Donald trump's constituents will not. Yes, he is crude. Yes, he is a buffoon. But his political support comes from those who understand the game is rigged against them, and they are not going to stand politely hat in hand much longer. You really, really don't want to see what the next iteration of The Donald is like.
Just So: “Most voters are ignorant of both basic political facts and the background social scientific theories needed to evaluate the facts.” Jason Brennan.
Too Much Popcorn: A lot of the people who pass as tech leaders in Silicon Valley not only suspect we are living in a computer simulation, they are spending a lot of money trying to find a way for us to break out of the Matrix. These folks obviously have too much time and too much money to fritter away, which may explain talking refrigerators.
Shortcomings: I've apparently failed as a father. My daughter is a beautiful woman, but I've never tried to pimp her out.
A Parting Shot:


mc said...

Thank you for the top quote, which sums up our situation perfectly. One caveat--Trump won't go away if he loses. He will be the face of the new "we report/you decide" for tv, internet, and social media that the team he has built (Ailes, Breitbart, etc.) will launch to screw up everything the day after the election, which they will scream was illegitimate and "crooked." Bill's sexual assaults will be the "good old days" for Hillary. That "give public answers, not private answers" doctor that she keeps around to spin her real problems will have to live at the White House.

Gegner said...

We are a few weeks from election day and Republican's want Trump to 'step aside?'

Would they also call for a 're-do', postponing the November election or would they just 'default' to letting Hillary collect what she has been 'promised' by our overlords?

If you vote this November, you have more than a screw loose!