Thursday, October 20, 2016

SAR #16294

For Want Of A Nail: Wallonia, one of Belgium's three regions (and having one of its five regional parliaments – don't ask) will not support the landmark EU-Canadian trade deal. No Wallonia, no Belgium. No Belgium, no EU deal – unanimous consent is required. Interesting times. If the EU can seal a deal with Canada, what chance do TiSA and TTIP have?
Clip & Post: A man called police seeking help for his distressed wife. The cops promptly showed up and killed her.
Boys & Their Toys: At least 500 US soldiers are taking part in the assault on Mosul. The Marines are sending a 300-man unit to Norway, mostly to annoy the Russians. Of late the US is taking direct pot-shots at the Houthis in Yemen while denying it wants to get involved there. The US is providing Iraq with anti-aircraft systems to counter ISIS drones(/). Watch this go bad quickly, come back to bite us. Qatar is buying F-15s from the US as part of a deal that lets them buy $19 billion worth of jetliners. No, Qatar doesn't have sufficient airspace to actually fly a F-15. The Pentagon warns that Russia is preparing for war while America sleeps.
Comes The Dawn: “Putting companies above national laws, and letting them sue governments in supranational tribunals, makes no sense at all” - well, except for the corporations.
Noted: The Affordable Care Act is ‘no longer affordable’.
Beware: US police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined. That they are disproportionately black adds to the disgrace. And then there's the racially lopsided use of warrantless Stingray surveillance and the nearly ubiquitous facial recognition databases.
Who Is This Masked Man? Larry Summers completes his transition, now urges that the US spend at least 1% of its GDP on infrastructure annually.
Cash & Carry: A Federal judge has ruled that saving hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives through cleaner air and slowing global warming is not as important as jobs for a handful of West Virginia coal miners and the profits of Murray Energy.
Odds: The American Psychiatric Association says that about 5% of American children suffer from ADHD. Why, then, do 15% of our kids take ADHD drugs? Not just Big Pharma profits; a lot of parents aren't up to being parents and embrace pharmacological excuses.
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McMike said...

re the sheeple get the government they deserve. Then again, our elected leaders are no great shakes either...

re ADHD. It's not just the parents who are blameworthy here - parents are struggling to manage themselves and their jobs and finances, let alone be parents - however, the schools have a role as well. The schools have an incentive to pathologize the challenging kids, and if they can get the kids sedated, mores the better.

In the end, there's the drug industry. Always the drug industry; taking a relatively limited straightforward issue, and hyping it up, blowing it up, and getting everyone in a panic, leading to misuse and overuse, ad eventually doing more harm than good. Gee where have I heard this plot before?

George Anderson said...

Ideally we'd ALL be doped, not unconscious but just enough so they could continue to rape us and we'd be too confused to complain [wait a minute, isn't that happening already? [What are they feeding Trump/Hillary supporters?]

Got an e-mail from Bernie in my spamfolder asking me to donate to a 'democratic congress'...

Um, I've never heard of half of these people and what, precisely do they stand for? If it's the same thing Hillary is pedaling, I want no part in it because 'the Democrats' [Like the conservo-whacko Republicans] DON'T REPRESENT MY INTERESTS!

If you want a government that represents YOU, join me in going on strike Nov. 9th!

Bernard Eckholdt said...

Profits over People. the True American way. Greed is God/Good is the American Way. How to destroy everything in the short term. with the Temperature rising continually, this really will be Hell. of our own making.