Monday, October 24, 2016

SAR #16298

Unlike Christians, Muslim seem believe what they say they believe.
Out-Snowdening Snowden: An NSA contractor employed by the same firm that once employed Edward Snowden has stolen at least 50 terabytes of ultra secret material from the agency. A terabyte is a million million. Maybe the NSA ought to start contracting some security experts.
Growth Sputter: The NY Fed predicts that the US GDP will grow, if that's the word for it, a slender 1.4% in the fourth quarter.
Open Season: Federal election observers will monitor only the polls in five states in November. Because, the Supremes say, there's no racially based intimidation or harassment anywhere else anymore. Racially based districts, of course, but that's all legal. And the lack of reports because of the lack of monitors elsewhere will be used as proof that voter discrimination didn't happen.
Noted: “Finance is too important to leave to Larry Summers.”
17 To 1: William Binney, high-ranking NSA spook turned whistleblower, says that it is far more likely that a disgruntled NSA employee leaked the DNC files, not Russia. I've never understood why Congress and the FBI didn't just ask the NSA for Hillary's emails; they've got 'em all.
Feral Loathing: South Africa says it is pulling out of the international criminal court because they are afraid that they, too, may have to face the consequences of their actions. Henry Kissinger votes aye.
The Future Is Now: Finnish banker Björn Wahlroos says that as workers are replaced by robots the workers face the choice of poorly paid service jobs or living on the dole. He sees a basic universal income as the only viable solution. The so-called 'Sharing Economy' is not a solution; it is based on exploiting inefficiencies in various industries and finding ways around regulations so that the unemployed can be called contractors and exploited by working for low wages without benefits.
Once Around: When's the last time you heard a politician talk about global warming/climate change? Sure it's the most pressing problem we have, but no one knows how to save us, so why talk about it?
Another Brick In The Wall: Turkey's supreme leader and would be sultan Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is converting the stunning Hagia Sophia (built as an Orthodox Christian church in 537, converted to a mosque in 1453 when the Ottoman Turks came to town, and made into a revered museum in 1931 under Mustafa Atatürk) back into a mosque with prayers 5 times a day. Because he can. There's no need to use the building as a mosque because the beautiful Blue Mosque is only a 100 paces away.
Trigger Treat: Police departments around the country would like to have stun-gun equipped drones. Because they've been good and you haven't.
A Parting Shot:


McMike said...

Re snowden. So the guy just left these banker boxes lying around? And drove around with the classified primer in the glovebox? Hmmm. And why wait a month to announce the arrest? Methinks we are being fed doggie treats here. I do like the guns and wife thing though. Nice touch.

George Anderson said...

The future is now carries with it the implied 'as good as it gets' for the disposessed. A train ride that starts right after high school and ends (usually in prison) sometime after you've managed to spit out enough 'love children' to keep your baby momma on the dole while you languish in the slammer.

Mind you, there are plenty of things that need doing, no shortage of them in fact but 'the will to do them' isn't present.

As we continue to vector towards 'enterprises' [if that's what you want to call them] that only have one employee and that's the [hereditary] owner while the rest of us remain both expendable and on our own {What's the purpose of government again??? it seems we all FORGOT!)

I mean, WTF? good citizen!

[But it's all good, we'll simply 'vote our way out of this', won't we? Not this time around but know, bye and bye like pie in the sky...isn't that how it goes. Just have patience and God will deliver us (cause no one else will)]

Can I get a WTF?

Tulsatime said...

ALL - Have you read the latest 'serious' economic projections based on the net energy extraction from oil? Essentially the last 10 years have been a freefall for energy, oil can't be priced at a level that both yields a profit and is also beneficial to the economy. This has pulled the rug out from under the industrialized world, and we are coasting to impact.

I found it a fascinating observation, being the doomster that I are. It does make some sense of the larger picture, essentially the energy budget has sucked all the capital out of the world, so we have nothing left for development any more, to say nothing of conversion away from fossils because climate change.

It was nice having the interwebs to see this emerge from the mists. Maybe they can spot a dino killer out in the solar distances to add to the excitement.

G-fan said...

The Muslims at least have it half right.

As is generally the case in argumentative declarative sentences, they would have been much better off if Mohammed had shut up before the "but". Now that would have be a jihad (struggle) I could support.