Thursday, October 6, 2016

SAR #16280

Fraud doesn't just happen, it needs a little help.
And Then There Were None: Politicians can – and do – promise to bring back American manufacturing jobs. Not going to happen; the jobs are gone and America makes more stuff now (in terms of dollar value) than ever before. It's just done with a lot fewer employees. The jobs that made the middle class possible are gone, period. We are now caregivers, retail workers, barristas, waiters and customer-service representatives. And those jobs are starting to melt away, too.
The People's Business: Norway's PM was caught playing Pokémon Go in parliament.
Reminder: Before you ditch Yahoo email in favor of something else, remember that that something else will have to give NSA/FBI whatever they ask for, and undoubtedly already have.
Belaboring the Obvious: Baghdad is warning anyone who cares that Turkey's presence in Iraq/Syria raises the specter of a “regional war'. Sure wouldn't want a regional war in that region.
Progression: We've gone from a nation of laws to a nation of lawyers to, now, a nation of law enforcers. Cops have become revenue collectors with weapons who treat us all like suspects. Talk about sovereign immunity, they're our sovereigns and they've got immunity. And guns.
Multiple Choice: “Do we really want a nuclear war with Russia?” a) No, b) Nonono, c) They aren't going to ask us.
Contagion: In Mumbai, 500 call-center employees have been arrested and charged with duping US citizens via phone scams. Note that just like the CEO's of big international banks and every shop on Wall Street, it was a handful of rogue employees who were doing all the bad, not their bosses.
Poof! The FBI agreed to destroy laptops of the Clinton aides as part of their immunity deals. Didn't want no confusing evidence 'round here.
Up, Up, And Away! The IMF notes that global debts have reached $152 trillion – that's more than the value of all the goods and services in the whole world for more than two years. If you think even most of it will ever be paid back, raise your hand.
Nuremberg: Great Britain says it will no longer even pretend to pay any attention to the concept of human rights during warfare, invasions, incursions, or other violent applications of force.
Porn O'Graphic: What did you do in the war, daddy?
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Gegner said...

Wow! Talk about hitting it 'out of the park', today's offering really exposes the chutzpah of those in charge [while the rest of us stand there frozen with fear because there is NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT!]

How ironic is it that we can put the 'civil' back into 'civil society' EITHER by restoring Justice OR by the barrel of a gun...and it's pretty obvious which method our 'betters' have chosen.

Some posts really 'stand out' and this, sir, is one of your finer pieces!