Wednesday, October 5, 2016

SAR #16279

Quoted:Governments do not simply throw the tax revenue that they collect into the ocean. Instead, this revenue — at least to some extent — is used to fund the good purposes that governments serve: providing a stable rule of law, a judicial system, education, public health, highways, basic research, and so on. ..”
Here's What You Get For The Money: The GOP's fixation on cutting government spending is the root cause of the NJ train crash. And a lot more infrastructure disasters, past, present and future.
Word Power: The BBC reports that British troops will be “protected from vexatious claims.” Henry Kissinger wants in on that.
And This: “In the ruin of all collapsed booms is to be found the work of men who bought property at prices they knew perfectly well were fictitious, but who were willing to pay such prices simply because they knew that some still greater fool could be depended on to take the property off their hands and leave them with a profit.” – Chicago Tribune, April 1890
Mantra:Hillary Clinton never met a war she didn't want other Americans to fight.”
Too Little, Far Too Late: A Priest has been “jailed for 18 years for sexually abusing 12 Victorian children.” No, not that's not back in the 1880's, just back in Australia.
Oh, My:If twenty-first-century progressives had been leading the nineteenth- century abolition movement, we would still have slavery, but we would have limited slavery to a 40-hour work week, and we would be congratulating each other on the progress we had made.”
Can't Make This Up:Obama Worries Future Presidents Will Wage Perpetual, Covert Drone War.” and “Clinton says Trump ‘always puts himself first’.”
Working For The Man: At the NSA's request (?), Yahoo used custom screening software to sift through hundreds of millions of email accounts for “an unknown set of characters.” Which pretty much sounds like NSA wrote the software and forced Yahoo to use it. Privacy, expectation of: quaint.
The Arctic Awaits: BP, which has done this in bigger ways, has a platform in the North Sea that has leaked nearly 100 tons of crude. That's less than a thousand barrels, but it's a start.
Porn O'Graph: Warm enough for you? Check out Antarctica, at the end of its winter.
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Anonymous said...

I'm closing my yahoo account today, and I hope enough people do so that Yahoo finally goes beneath the water, never to be heard of again. I am stunned when I drive by a BP station and I see a row of customers simultaneously topping up their tanks and BPs bottom line (this was true when the oil was still gushing). They dumped millions of gallons of oil into our lifeblood and continue to function as a viable business. There is no better message to other corporations than to see an internet giant that spy's on its own customers, and an oil giant who pollutes the waterways, go down, and go down hard. The executives of those entities should be radioactive, because they ought to know that we will also sink any company that hires them. It's not all that difficult, there's another gas station down the road. There's another email provider when you type different letters into the internet.

George Anderson said...

Did we just receive a preview of the upcoming election? [Pence declared the winner of debate before it the RNC]

Is this just shamelessness or does the stupid really go that deep?

I can understand 'preparing to declare' your guy the winner regardless of how badly the 'opposition' spanks him but where is the line between arrogance and common sense?

No irony should be lost that its Hillary who is acting like she already has it 'in the bag', making this 'match-up' look that much more suspicious.

Those currently presenting themselves as 'democrats' have proven themselves to be 'sell-outs' and it appears the only way to make them 'electable' is to paint the obstruction fixated conservatives as batshit crazy. Which is not to say that Trump isn't...]

@ Anon 7:47 While the news item 'singles out' Yahoo nobody conducting commerce in this nation can refuse a 'government request'.

While BP is indeed a 'criminal enterprise' despoiling the planet for the gain of the 'shareowners' the whole capitalist system falls into the same evidenced by the cadre of senators pushing to have wood declared 'carbon neutral'!

The thing to understand here is when technology fails the social clock won't turn back a hundred years but a THOUSAND, to a time where 'complaining' about the 'will of the king' will get you drawn & quartered quicker than having a flaming hot poker shoved up your backside [and you'll probably get both...]

Demetrius said...

I did like that quote from the Chicago Tribune of 1890.