Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SAR #16300

'Better' does not mean 'good'.
I voted yesterday. Against.
Have felt vaguely sick an depressed ever since.
I'll be back at the fruit stand tomorrow.
Porn O'Graph: We're making history.
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

Anyone else a bit uneasy about early voting? Lining up among our peers, regardless of who they'll vote for, on a single day, is one of the few remaining moments of civic bonding we have left. It would be beneficial to establish a national paid holiday to enable folks to vote, or not vote if they see fit. We've put up with the campaign BS for a year now; the least we can do is band together on a single day and collectively put that garbage behind us so that we may accept whatever dreadful policies the winner is going to force upon us. It's the American way.

George Anderson said...

Small comfort. voting for what may well be 'the last time'. Since LBJ's 'abdication' "if nominated, I will not run and if elected, I will not serve" still rings in my ears all these many years later.

Your 'aprehension' is perfectly understandable, we now know what it felt like for millions around the world to watch helplessly as the country you can't escape from sinks under the waves of tyranny.

How pathetic is it that THE ONLY THING Hillary has going for her is she's NOT DONALD?

There is no reason to vote for her, she didn't even formulate a campaign platform. Sadder is the lying liar ran on a traditionally democratic platform...knowing all the while he wasn't going to follow through on a word of it.

War is never the answer but it's preferable to being frog marched to your death for the crime of desiring genuine choice.

Most of us would prefer death to a life without pathetic so few if us appreciate the real stakes?

Are you [dear readers] going to march to your death or are you going to put up some 'resistance'? The Strike is still on...admitedly, it is a 'precursor to war' but we no longer have a choice.

Fight and die or simply die anyway...those are your choices.

shakespearianscandal said...

Glad my parents not alive to see this!

Degringolade said...

Understand your pain and malaise.

I have my ballot filled in, now I just have to bring myself to mail it.

As for the parting shot, here is a bit of history for perspective

Jesse said...

If I am being objective, and not focused just on my own problems, I am grateful that I do not have to face (yet I say with hope) the obstacles that my parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents faced.

They personally faced absolutely brutal world wars and were dirt poor in terrible Depressions where all hope was almost lost. There are those facing things such as that in the world as it is today, and if anything we should be appalled that we do little or nothing to relieve their distress.

This is not to say that we do not have problems. This year has been so bad for us personally that at times I wanted to cry out like Job. But putting my own temptation to wallow in despair, one finds they can rise above these things, and make good where they can for themselves and most importantly for others, and that is enough, for it is our lot in this life.

"Every century is like every other, and to those who live in it seems worse than all."

John Henry Newman

Anonymous said...

Don't vote. They can't hold an election if no one votes.